Get Rid of Bed BugsDo you have an embarrassing bedbug problem in your house? Those little creatures really know how to hide and it may take a long time to notice them. Not only are they disgusting to think about, but also very embarrassing when a guest sleeps over. Once you have them, bedbugs are extremely hard to eliminate. If you want to get rid of them for yourself before calling the professionals, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Determine the rooms that are infested

Bed bugs mostly like to hide in the bedrooms. However, any room that you sleep in can provide harborage for the annoying creatures. Living areas with sofa beds and sofas are the next common site for bedbugs. An infestation usually begins in one room and gradually spreads to other places. The sooner you locate and treat these pests, the easier it will be to eliminate them.

Don’t throw away your bed

Generally, it is not necessary to throw away your bed when you spot bedbugs. Not only are beds and bedding expensive to replace, but chances are that your new bed will be infested too. Therefore, the money you would spend on a new bed would be better spent on bedbug elimination methods.

Create a safer place to sleep

Staying in your own bed will reduce the spread of bedbugs within your home. Even if you move to a different room, they will eventually follow you. You can make your bed a safer place to sleep by doing the following:

  • Strip, vacuum, and encase the mattress and box springs – start by double bagging your bedding then wash it in hot water for thirty minutes. Get rid of the inner bag once you put the bedding into the washer. Vacuum bedbugs from the bed and empty the vacuum cleaner outside. Buy a set of bedbug proof encasements – with zippers that are tight enough to prevent escape.
  • Killing bedbugs on your headboard and bed frame – you have to make sure that your bed frame is bedbug free. Using a vacuum only will not be enough as it only removes nymphs and adult bedbugs. To get rid of eggs, you need to use insecticide sprays. Just be careful and follow the instructions written on the label.
  • Isolate your bed – if you do not sleep in a bed, buy a frame that lifts your mattress off the floor. Install bedbug interceptors underneath the feet of your bed to keep bedbugs away while you sleep. Many commercial products are made specifically for this purpose. Do not make your bed with clean bedding until you have encased your box spring and mattress. For this method to work, your bed must not touch any walls, furniture, or the floor.
Treat other areas of the house

This is the trickiest part of DIY bedbug removal. When an infestation is caught early, you will only need to treat and isolate your bed. However, when bedbugs spread to other areas of your home, it may be difficult to eradicate them completely. First, you need to separate your furniture: treated vs. untreated. Treat all cracks and crevices of the room then treat the furniture. Do not return any items to a treated room unless they have been treated properly.

If the bedbug infestation has spread to all the rooms in your house, the above procedure might not work. In that case, you will need to contact bed bug removal in NJ for help. Professionals usually have a higher success rate when it comes to bedbug eradication.


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