Wedding DayLet’s face it: Weddings are primarily a girl’s game. They are flowery and bright, filled with delicate details and joyful tears. Besides the gorgeous woman — and, usually, the open bar — there is little for your groom to look forward to on his wedding day. Fortunately, you help him out (and probably warm up his “cold feet” a little) with a few simple surprises and rewards throughout the day. It doesn’t take much thought or effort to show your man you care, especially on a day so devoted to love.

Send Him Notes

Everyone knows the tradition: Grooms can’t see their brides before the ceremony, or else the couple is doomed with bad luck. Unfortunately, this means you can’t be there in person to soothe your guy’s nerves while he dresses and prepares for the main event. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with him at all.

Though you two will likely hole up in different wings of your wedding venue, your bridesmaids and groomsmen have free run of the place. You can send your guy notes of love and positivity throughout the day, reminding him of how excited you are to start married life together. Seeing your handwriting and reading your messages will keep your man’s attitude positive during the day; he might even write you back to bolster your spirit.

Add His Favorite Foods to the Menu

Though you two likely spent hours deciding on the creative, delicious cuisine that will delight your guests, your man might not enjoy such formal fare on a regular basis. Complex dishes may look beautiful and taste divine, but if your groom is the meat-and-potatoes type, he will likely be put off by the strange ingredients and flavors.

After all, it’s his day too, so you can give your man a nice surprise by adding a few of his favorite foods to the menu especially for him. You can have a member of your bridal party run to a cherished eatery or else ask your caterers to squeeze in one or two extra dishes for your groom’s benefit. Caterers are usually flexible as long as you contact them in advance.

How to Get Your Guy Through the Wedding DayLet Him Choose His Flair

You have agonized over every design choice in your wedding — from the number of purple flowers in your bouquet to the ornamentation on the silverware your guests will use to dine — so you probably know exactly the cut and color of your groom’s suit. However, giving your guy some say in how he looks will help him feel more calm and confident on the big day.

Men’s bodies are as different as women’s, and your man probably knows better than you do which outfits look and feel best on him. Plus, he will know more about which garnishes he feels cool in; a big boutonniere may be too much for his simple style, but expensive, embellished shoes may be perfect for him.

Compile a Survival Kit

A simple, fun gift you can prepare well in advance, a wedding day survival kit will keep your man going all day long. What you include in your groom’s kit depends on his preferences, but brides of the past have thrown in items such as:

  • Socks, for cold feet
  • Booze, to calm nerves
  • Mints, for fresh breath
  • Lip balm, for soft lips
  • Handkerchief, for moist eyes
  • Playing cards, to pass the time

Hire a Favorite Musician

You should know better than to schedule the musical entertainment without your guy’s input — after all, music is deeply personal and your preferences may differ from those of your future spouse — but even after you agree on a particular wedding band, your man may be disappointed in the selection. You can surprise and impress him by planning an additional (or alternative) musical act that he truly loves. Some of the best wedding bands Glasgow offers accepts special requests.

You probably won’t be able to procure your groom’s favorite musician — unless you have the aid of an influential wedding venue in Los Angeles — but that doesn’t mean a musical surprise is out of the question. Instead, you can ask your current band to practice songs your future hubby loves, so he’ll have something to sing to during your reception.


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