Christmas decorations in a home create a sense of magic for not only you and your family but your guests as well. Even if you’re only planning to have one guest staying over the holidays, you should take the time to remodel the guest bedroom a bit. All it takes are a few personal touches to transform the typical guest room into a room that illuminates the holiday spirit.

Add some red and white – Create a bed that speaks “Christmas” to the guest with red and white linen. As puts it, the bed is “the main element and focal point”.Start there and work your way out. If the guest bedroom is already mostly neutral white, add a splash of crimson to give it the Christmas look. Some bright red curtains will look pretty a well.

Use gold picture frames Whether you want to display family photos or artwork, gold frames are a perfect addition to any holiday-themed decor. You could go with a larger frame to display a piece of artwork on the wall or a small frame to display a photo that reminds the guest of the good ole’ times.

Spruce up the table and cabinets with some candles and potpourri – Remodeling isn’t just about the visuals – it’s about the full experience. Adding the right scents to the room helps to create that holiday experience. Good Housekeeping offers some great ideas for DIY Christmas sense. You could also simply buy the potpourri or aromatherapy products. Don’t forget to add a scented candle or two to the bedside table.

Add some fairy lights for a sparkling effect – Since they will be for a bedroom, it’s best to avoid colorful or flashy lights. White lights would be more ideal. You don’t have to mount them in a uniform manner – just do some experimenting. Try mounting them in a haphazard manner just to see what kind of illumination effect you can create. If the room is large enough, add other elements as well, such as paper lanterns and hazel wood branches.

Consider displaying garland – Garlands aren’t just for the family room or front door. You can use them in the guest bedroom as well. Pace some around the closet opening or the door to the room, or around the foot of the bed. If there is not a lot of space and you’re concerned that garland would make it look too cluttered, just place a potted poinsettia or two in the room.

Decorate the wall with words – Get some sparkly gold, red, or green letters at the local arts and crafts store and use them to spell out words like “Hope” “Merry” “Joy”, “Noel”, or “Merry Christmas” if there is enough room. Place the letters on the mantle or on the window sills. Be creative!

Keep things simple – Pick maybe two or three of these ideas and stick with them. Don’t do too much as you might end up OVER-decorating and making the room look too busy. A tree really isn’t needed unless the room is fairly large. Have a maximum of two wall mounted decorations.

Your guest will feel cozy and invited if you pick out the right holiday decorations!


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