House plants are not only great to look at in your home but they also offer a plethora of health benefits, as they purify the air and remove harmful toxins and chemicals.

keeping plants have health benefits

Plants not only clean the air but have been noted as great tools for increasing concentration and are ideal for popping on your home office desk. A University of Michigan study discovered that its participants under the influence of plants experienced an ‘increase in memory retention up to 20 per cent’, proving that greenery in the home is great for the brain.

Plants also have a calming effect, allowing you to feel like you are continuously experiencing nature and can help with anxiety and stress levels. Jasmine, Peace Lilies and Gerbera Daisies are some great options when it comes to plants with health benefits that focus on calming the occupants of the home.

Wheeling Jesuit University discovered that the scent emitted from Jasmine plants is particularly efficient keeping house plantswhen it comes achieving a restful night’s sleep and decreasing anxiety – therefore it’s a good plant to place on your bedside table.

Flowers are obviously bright and fun to look at, which can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression, as visual stimulation inspires happy thoughts and positive energy. Remember how happy you are to receive flowers or see others reaction when you present them?

Try to capture this sentiment every day with pretty, live blooms in your home such as Gerbera Daisies, Chrysanthemum and indoor roses. If you feel like being a little fancy, Leafy Begonias and Orchids are also great options when it comes to adding color and promoting health benefits in the home.

Some people even push this concept further with succulent plants, propagating them to create more and more plants to feature in their home and ensuring they are in top health. Blogger Oh No Rachio has put together a great post featuring tips on how best to behead and propagate succulent plants.

But the health benefits needn’t finish inside; head outdoors and you have a whole new world of healthy activities to enjoy. Pick up a fruit tree from Bakker Garden Co and work to have it produce fruit, the digging and picking will keep you active and the techniques you have to employ to encourage the fruit to grow will keep your mind active and help you develop new skills. A raised bed requires tilling and weeding regularly to keep the soil clear and healthy and require a lot of manual effort to put it together initially.

House plants are wonderful for your health, for the health of your home and for brightening your day. Pick an easy to care for plant up to day, place it in a prominent point of the room and enjoy the health benefits it offers.



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