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Herbs which help you to enhance your memory

herbs which help

People nowadays have started resorting to several ways for enhancing their memory. They have visited the consultants and are ready to consume the high dosages. But due to its several side effects, experts have suggested to use natural remedies to enhance the memory level and the concentration power. These natural ingredients have been in use since so many years and have proved their value from the beginning of time. In today’s chemical based medicine people are losing on their immunity. They are being responsible for the bad effects that come along.

There are various herbs that can now be used to treat the several brain related problems. The word HERB in itself means a part of the plant. This part can be from anywhere i.e. from roots to leaf, flower, fruit etc. The substances present in the plant help in providing much energy to the plants and helps in boosting the memory. Learn more about how they affect brain health.

Best Herbs That Can Be Used:

Some of the herbs that are very popular are

1. Green Tea: The leaves of green tea are very often used in the traditional days for preparing the tea. It is known to help in boosting the health of the individuals apart from cleaning the blood in the body. This beverage has been used commonly all over the world. It is rich in properties that help in cutting down the anxiety level. It is also helpful in enhancing the memory level and retaining information for a long time. People who are in the working field usually start the day with this tea. Even students during their exams prefer green tea to retain the information.

2. Gotu Kola: This herb has been used in various Ayurveda medicines. It provides new life to the tissues in the brain and thus plays a very important role in increasing the functioning of the brain. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It does not allow the tissues to inflate; also it helps in lowering the blood pressure. This herb is generally used in the products like ashwagandha. Both these components together provide a much better way to reduce the anxiety level and have a relaxed mind.

3. Vinpocetine: This herb is obtained from the plant known as Vinca Minor. It is very much used for treating the memory problem in old and young people. It works on the principle of circulating and increasing the metabolism rate in the brain. It helps in the circulation of blood to the brain thereby providing oxygen to the brain. Also a lot of nutrients flow to the brain. The increase rate of metabolism helps in more accurate sharpness, having much clear thoughts and an active mind.

4. Bacopa Monnieri: This herb is generally found in the northern India and few areas of Middle East countries. It helps in increasing the pace of the nervous system. Also this herb is generally given to children as it helps in formation of the memory.

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