Looking for a nanny is definitely easier said than done. For many parents, it’s all about finding someone who is jigsaw fit for you family, someone who ticks all the boxes. At least most of the boxes! Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good when you’re looking for a nanny. While it’s smart to have high expectations, it’s also important to stay realistic about what the job entails and how capable anyone can be to fulfill it. Here’s our list of things that you should know to expect from a nanny, but also what you shouldn’t expect.

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1.  A Skilled & Highly Professional Nanny

For starters, being a nanny is a real job and like any other job, you expect your nanny to be adept and skilled. It will certainly help if a nanny has childcare qualifications or perhaps some experience working in a similar environment. This means hiring someone who understands their responsibilities and creates trust when you are not around. To be on the safe side, it’s better if you work with a work agreement where you have the responsibilities of the nanny mapped out clearly before you can get started. Determine how much work the nanny will need to do, including number of hours a day and responsibilities depending on the age of your children. Keep in mind that highly skilled nannies may cost more, but it may be your best option if you can afford it.

2.  A Passionate Nanny

You should expect someone who goes that extra mile to get their duties done without an insistent push from you. Expect a self-driven nanny that you can trust to get things done in a timely and efficient manner. It can only be possible if he or she loves what they do to an extent that they can do even more than you expect!

3.  A Nanny with a Good Relationship With Your Family

This could well have been the first trait on this list. Of course you’ll want a nanny who loves being around you and especially the kids. You expect that the nanny will love handling your kids and most importantly that your kids love being around. Again, this points towards someone who has a blend of enthusiasm, creativity, and fun despite at times having to handle some long and arduous hours of work.

4.  A Good Learner

Don’t expect a nanny who will come in totally refined, but you at least want someone who is ready to learn. Even a nanny who is trained in early childhood development will still have something to learn, and the right fit should fancy getting corrections and pointers from your side. A good nanny should also be:

  • A person who is good at resolving conflicts
  • A person with the ability to advocate for family values and structure
  • A person with the ability to communicate with you and your family members
  • A person you can rely on most of the time

What You Should Not Expect When Hiring A Nanny

Enough of what you should expect, now let’s look at things from a different angle. Here are a few things that you shouldn’t expect from a nanny.

1.  A Nanny Who is a Jack Of All Trades

Don’t expect a nanny who can do it all. In fact, a nanny is not a maid or a servant who will help you do everything around the house. A nanny is primarily hired to help you take care of your children and it’s best if both of you understand this in order to create a proper working relationship.

2.  A Nanny Who Works Under The Table

You might be tempted to do local arrangements in the way that you compensate your nanny, perhaps to save costs and write off some taxes. It sounds like a good idea to both of you but there is a negative side to this. Your nanny will find it difficult to access things like loans, credit cards, and mortgages as credit institutions won’t have the leverage in the form of documented income. You should also be wary of getting into legal problems should anything go wrong.

3.  A Nanny That Accepts Unpaid Overtimes

Most professional nannies would be willing to work overtime and even step in when there is an emergency, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be paid for this. This is especially the case if unpaid overtimes aren’t documented in the contract you struck. So as a rule of thumb, ensure that you compensate your nanny for overtimes and and always make sure to pay them on time.

Final Remarks

In a nutshell, you need to keep your priorities realistic when you are out to find a nanny Melbourne, New York, London, or any location you live in. Remember that it’s a two-way affair, so if you’re to get the right nanny for your kids, then you will need to meet your nanny halfway. You will have to play a role in things like handling payroll and taxes while your nanny takes care of the children.


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