It is quite clear why you are recommended to hire architects and interior designers. They quickly recognize proper textures, patterns, colors and fully understand how furniture works and does not work in rooms. You can quickly understand what is wrong in the design of your home when you work with such specialists but there are countless situations in which you just want to do everything alone. If this is you, it is time to start learning what to do.

While there are countless things that need to be mentioned and learned, everything can start by knowing the most common home design mistakes that people make. According to the senior housing architect at Ozarch, the following are by far the most common ones that need to be mentioned.

Adding Rugs Of The Wrong Size Or Arranging Them In An Inappropriate Way

In common areas, like living rooms, the rug needs to be wider than furniture width so that it can act as a proper base. In the bedroom, it has to be perpendicular, based on the position of your bed. The bed has to be hit just like the letter T but has to run under the bed. Rugs should never be placed under the nightstand since this looks funny.

Choosing Matching Furniture

If you only add furniture that matches, you end up with an appearance of a showroom. Something different manages to add personality, which you always want in your home.

As an example, buying matching end tables with matching bed frames is not a great idea since it makes the room look just like a page in a catalogue. A great room always looks as if items were collected as time passed, thus adding personality.

Having Exposed Clutter

Open storage can look great inside a home but it needs to not be cluttered. This includes nightstands and shelves. In so many cases, homeowners simply add too much to storage areas and they end up with everything looking really cluttered. Try to add neatly-organized accessories. Then, pay attention to absolutely all color groupings. Never have a chaotic showing in your home. What you want is an eclectic mix that is as artful as possible.

Lack Of Lighting

Most people think that extra lighting makes things very easy to use but there is so much more than that. The space always ends up feeling more dynamic when you have the necessary lighting.

Most people just have a simple overhead light in their rooms. They believe it is enough. In reality, it is much better to layer lighting. Ambient lighting coming from both table and floor lamps always looks better.

Lack Of Accessories

At the end of the day, you want your home to feel as your own space. This is where styling touches make things so cozy. Never underestimate the importance of accessories. No matter how limited your budget is, make sure that you have some money left aside for accessories and art. Accessories are as important as rugs, TV sets, furniture and so on.

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