London has it all; great food, culture, magnificent landmarks and more. The problem is, London can also be extremely expensive. If you have a limited budget or just trying to save cash, the financial aspect has the potential to limit your experiences. One of the biggest money drainers is finding a place to stay. London has many different hotels to offer, each differing in price and grandeur.

But if you really want to save cash, you could consider staying in a hostel. Whilst hostels may lack some of the glamour of hotels, they can work as a cheap alternative sleeping arrangement.

But Which Option Is Best, A Hotel Or Hostel?

It All Depends On Your Needs

What do you want to get out of your trip? If having a comfy room, complete with lots of facilities is essential, then a hotel is probably a better option. There are lots of great hotels in London city. But perhaps you’d rather save your money for visiting landmarks and tourist attractions.

If that’s the case and you also don’t mind a more basic place to stay, a hostel might be the choice for you.

What About Locations?

There are both hotels and hostels dotted around every corner of London. Wherever you’re planning to stay, you’ll likely find options of both available. Consider which offers you the best location for transport links. London has many tourist attractions on offer, make sure you don’t have to spend too long travelling from place to place.

Privacy Or Community?

The majority of hostel rooms are dormitories (although single and family room options are usually available). If you prefer privacy and your own space, a hotel has this covered. If you’re more of the social type, a hostel is a great opportunity to meet new people and forge future friendships.

Think About Security

If you’re bringing a lot of valuables with you on your trip, you need to think about how you can best keep your possessions secure. If you’re staying in a dormitory in hostel, there is a slight risk of theft. If you decide to stay in a hostel, it’s better to pack light with few valuable items.

If you’re planning on taking lots of important items with you, a hotel is likely a better option. You can lock your door and no strangers can enter your space uninvited.

Want To Eat In Or Head Into Town?

Hostels don’t always feature offer catering. Many hostels do, though, have self-catering, facilities which is a much cheaper alternative to eating out or in a hotel, which can be Expensive. Hostel catering or self-catering can save a lot of money.

If you want a place that will feed you in the evening and/or the morning, especially if you are looking for ‘restaurant standard meals, then a hotel is probably the best choice. The majority of London hotels feature some offer dining options. At the top end these include kitchens run by renown chefs.

Which Is Best?

It all depends on your budget and the kind of experience you are looking for. Both have their advantages. Whichever you chose, you can be sure that London has the perfect option for you.


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