housewarming giftsIf your friends just bought a new home and are throwing a welcoming housewarming shindig, don’t show up empty handed. If you’re looking for gifts that declare your congratulations for this huge life step, consider one of these unique and practical ideas for a gift they will welcome with open arms.

A Break from Cleaning

Moving is a huge endeavor, and the amount of work, clean up, and organization that goes into the process is enough to exhaust even the most energetic of folks. Let them have a chance to kick their feet up in upcoming weeks with a gift certificate for a cleaning crew company. Depending on how rowdy the housewarming party gets, you might find they cash it in right away to serve as party cleanup. This practical idea is thoughtful and sure to be well-received.

A Household Tools Bucket

No place is without its quirks, and their first few months in the new house might see them performing repairs they didn’t plan for. Make sure they’re prepared to fix up any issues that might arise and put together a household tools bucket that they can use for their DIY fix-it projects. From hammers, screwdrivers, nails to batteries, flashlights, or wrenches, throw in anything you’ve found to be of help at home when repairs are needed. This takes practicality to a whole new level, and will make sure they’re prepared for whatever comes their way in their new home.

The First Movie Night

Set them up for a night in front of the television with all the goodies they need to enjoy a lovely evening in. Purchase a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or the streaming service of your choice and throw in the gift certificate. Then fill the basket with bottles of wine, tasty snacks, and sweet treats you know they’ll enjoy. You can also add a gift certificate to a food delivery service like Seamless—they can get their favorite restaurant meal delivered right to their couch. Talk about their favorite present ever!

Treats for the Party

If you’re on a budget, your present doesn’t have to break the bank, and a practical gift can be used right when you arrive. Bring some treats to share with your host and other guests that will keep the party going for hours. Whether you choose to bring a basket filled with meat and cheese delicacies or go the classic route of fruit arrangements, your hosts will be so thankful—and so will the other guests who get to chow down along with them.

Customized Kitchenware

If your friends are of the chef variety and love to whip up a mean meal at home, you’ll want to help them break in their new kitchen with some personalized cooking ware. You can easily DIY a customized cutting board with some creativity and few essentials: wood cutting board, a wood burning pen, graphite transfer paper, painter’s tape, and a pencil. Tape the printed pattern or design on the cutting board with painter’s type and slide a piece of graphite paper underneath it, between the wood and the design you have chosen. The graphite side should face down, and then you can begin tracing the pattern. Once you’re finished, the graphite will have transferred to the board, making the perfect tracing guidelines. Grab your wood burning pen, let it heat up, then get to tracing. You’ll have your very own homemade cutting board to gift your friends with, and fair warning, you’re going to want to make one for yourself!

Get the Party Started

Every good celebration needs a cake, and if you want to make this occasion one to remember, consider doing a hilarious twist on the common sweet treat. Instead of a normal cake, make one out of tiny liquor bottles. Grab about 20 tiny bottles (you can find them at most grocery stores and specialty stores like BevMo). Glue about nine mini bottles around the outer edge of a cardboard circle. Glue another cardboard on top of this layer, then arrange six more bottles for the second tier. Use the remaining bottles for the top layer (and another small cardboard circle) and you’ll have an alcohol cake that will definitely get some laughter at the party.


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