Fall fashion is about choosing comfort over everything else. It is all about comfortable clothing and breathable fabrics. Even casual outfits can be worn like a fashionista in this season.

You simply need some essentials and a little fashion sense. The closet must have some fall staples to increase the style quotient and beat the heat. There are some must-have outfits that can change your look and make you grab attention for good. If you want to dress your tween girls in style in the fall heat, here is how you can do it.

Warm Dresses

Fall is about the perfect back to school attire. It is a simple but eye-catching fall dress. The dress will never feel overdone in any way and it can have little embroidery. It is best to choose fall colors like these. You can pair the dress with boots and a matching bag. If your little girl loves makeup, you can put kohl on the eyes to complete the look.

This look is perfect for a day out with friends or a family lunch. When it comes to fall dresses, you will never run out of options. You can also throw in a warm and heavy top as a wardrobe staple for cooler nights.

Denim In Fall

A lot of teenage girls like to follow fashion to the T and they usually go for shorts in the fall. It is a practical and stylish dressing style with denim. You can wear the shorts with a stylish crop top or pair your favorite jeans with a funky shirt and a crossbody bag. Chilling around the city in this outfit in the heat is wonderful.


If your tween girl is spending time with her girlfriends, it is time to dress her up in her feminine best. An ideal outfit for a girl’s day out is a black skirt with a warmer top. It is not too ostentatious and neither too dull. The skirt is an ideal blend of modernity and elegance. Pair the black skirt with an Autumn top and comfy boots. Remember to carry sunglasses if it is a sunny day.

Go Bold In Fall

Fall is an ideal time to go bold and rock it. Pick monochromes, a trend that has been present for years and is still going strong. Try bold colors and prints. Add character to the outfit by matching it to the tee or simply add a pop of color. You can add a bling necklace for the night and keep the color toned down in the daytime by adding white sneakers and glasses.

Plain T-Shirts

Fall is not only about parties and brunches but a lot of your time will be spent at home. This is when your tween girl will need plain t-shirts. When the dressing is a pain and you have to look good, you will feel super comfortable in plain t-shirts in the fall. If you do not want to spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear, pair a plain t-shirt with denim shorts or your favorite pair of jeans. You can buy a pack of colorful t-shirts and you are set to go.

Try Silk

A lot of people think silk is only for the winter but tween girls can look very stylish and classy in silk. However, you must keep it for special occasions only. Consider silk when you are comfortable and pair it with the right shoes. You can pick a silk crop top or a top and wear it with white trousers to get a modern yet cool look.

Styling tween girls is a lot of fun and the fall months allow experimenting with your favorite styles. With tween girls, it is always about comfort. So, pick outfits that are comfortable and pair them in the right manner to make them look stylish. If your girl does not feel comfortable, avoid the outfit. Enjoy the fall days and cool breeze in your favorite attire and look stylish, no matter the occasion.


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