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Choosing A New School: 4 Important Steps For Parents To Follow

choose a school for your child

At some point you will have to start looking for a school for your children. If they are just reaching school age, or if you are relocating to a new neighborhood, finding the right school for your children is definitely a priority. The quality of your child’s education will be their ticket to the future of their dreams.

These types of important decisions are never easy and should be treated seriously. By the time your child is ready for school, you will already have a good idea about the way that they learn. This is a vital consideration when you are choosing between the different kinds of learning systems that are available in schools. You want a school that will cater to your child’s needs and a high-quality and well-rounded education.

Important Steps to Choose a School for Your Child

Before you move into a new neighborhood you should put in some time researching the schools in the area. Get to know the school’s philosophies, teaching styles, age of the building and the general curriculum. Well-established neighborhoods will likely have a solid school system, and newer areas like Bonterra at WoodForest will often have new school developments to cater to the growing population.

Follow these simple steps when you are starting your search for a new school.

Focus On Your Child’s Needs

The learning structure and style of a school will have a huge impact on the success of your child. Each child learns differently, and certain formats work well with different children. Know whether your child is better with literal learning, the creative aspect, or the more practical type of lessons.

Does your child have any special learning or social issues that will need to be addressed? Not every school is equipped with the same types of resources, so it is vital to learn if a school will be able to easily accommodate the needs of your child.

Do The Research

Each school and board now has their own website where you should start the research process. Study the school rankings, review the programs and the type of educational format that each school has adopted. Get recommendations from your new neighbors, your current school, as well as online reviews.

Your main considerations for school comparisons should include general policies, tuition costs, national rankings, locations and transportation and their extracurricular programs. You can make a list of each of your candidates and compare them side by side. It will give you a much better general idea of how each school stacks up against the rest.

Visit The Campus

There may be a ton of information available on a website, but nothing equals an onsite visit for really getting a feel for each school. Prepare a list of questions to ask while you are on your tour. Touring a school during regular hours is the best way to see how each campus runs on a regular school day. Bring a notepad with you so that you can make notes. Once you are finished you can add them to your research list that you already have.

Submit An Application

Every school will likely have their own specific application process. Some may require just basic information and others may have a more complex interview system. It’s always a good idea to apply to a few of your top schools. Depending on the area you are in, there may be waiting lists that make admittance to your first choice school impossible.

When you are filling out your applications, make sure that all of the information is correct. The process can be lengthy and any errors can add to the time it takes for your application to go through. Make copies of all applications and keep them with your school files.

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