One minute you’re staring down at your precious newborn baby and the next you’re out shopping for a new bed for your fully-grown teenager – sound familiar? Time is precious and it can pass in an instant, especially when you become a parent. As your baby grows up and goes through the different stages in life, the design and style of their bedroom is undoubtedly going to change to cater for their evolving requirements and developing personality.

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In order to adapt to their growing age, a child’s room décor should be extremely versatile. As well as it being versatile, it should also be fun and an enjoyable place to spend time in – a balance that can be a difficult one to achieve.

If you’re a mom who is struggling to find suitable furniture that doesn’t need to be replaced every year, the following tips will help you to design a room that grows up with your child.

1. Invest in furniture that’s versatile

As with all kinds of interior design projects, versatility is very important. Choosing furniture from the likes of that provides the opportunity for change and customization is absolutely vital.

Bunk beds and loft beds are ideal as initially they can be used as a sleeping zone, and as your child gets a little older the bottom section can be successfully converted into a desk and chair area for relaxation or homework.

Investing in such furniture is a very cost-effective and intelligent move to make, as this type of furniture will last the test of time because of its versatility and ability to grow with your child.

2. Create multipurpose activity areas

Choosing to create multipurpose activity areas will allow the toy bin and activity area to quickly evolve into the laptop and docking station area. As your child grows older and his/her interests change, it’s important that this activity area is easy to renovate in order to cater for any newfound interests and hobbies.

When designing a bedroom for your child, ensure to design the room in such a way that there is a large enough space that can be used as an effective multipurpose activity area.

3. Choose paint over all other options

Changing the color of a wall is one of the easiest ways to transform the look and ambiance of a bedroom.With the aid of a can of paint and a paintbrush, a youthful child’s room can be updated into a hip room that is instantly teenage-friendly. Painting can be tricky so if you’re in need of assistance, Framingham roofing can help.

There are many materials to choose from when it comes to decorating walls, but selecting paint is by far the best decision if you want to create a space that’s extremely easy to revamp.

Life is way too short for your child to be stuck with the same bedroom décor for months, or years on end. Following the above three pieces of advice will help you to create a space that’s flexible, practical, and very cost effective to maintain. Because you’ll want the room to also be age-appropriate, functional and a happy place to spend time in, the age of your child and his/her personality will be two of the main factors to take into consideration when it comes to updating the design of the room.


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