Are you starting to comb through fashion magazines with your girlfriends after school gathering ideas for next year’s prom and growing frustrated because certain styles always look better on them than on you? Don’t despair because each of us has a different body type and there are different types of dresses that highlight our own personal assets.

To make the dress selection process easier, we bring you some tips on how to make your favorite styles work for you.

woman with pink prom dress

Tips for Choosing the Right Prom Dress for Your Body Type:

1. Choose a cocktail dress or shorter prom dress that makes you look like you have an hourglass figure, even if you do not. Certain dresses can do wonders for you and make you feel like a million dollars.

Select halter-style dresses to highlight toned shoulders and arms and your bust line. Choose dresses with an A-line or flared skirt because they will flow over your curves perfectly. These hit anywhere from mid-thigh to just above the knee so they make your legs appear longer and your bottom look shapelier.

2. Select dark colors or a little black dress, especially if you have an apple shape, meaning you are full-figured. These shades tend to make you appear slimmer while allowing you to show off your big bust-line and hide your expanding hips.

3. Consider wearing a long flowing prom dress with a built-in corset if you are busty. These corsets assist in making it appear like you have a slimmer silhouette by hugging the right curves and hiding your flaws. Both Jovani and Sherri Hill prom dresses from feature the built-in corset and boning with decorative bodice and long A-line skirt.

4. Try wearing the trendy bandage or body con style dress. While this works best if you have a perfect hourglass figure, you can still rock this dress with the right shape wear to smooth your curves. Decide which asset to highlight and consider buying it in black as it provides a slimming silhouette.  Often, these dresses work best with high necklines as it’ll keep your cleavage from overflowing.

5. Show off your perfect curves in a variety of styles if you have an hourglass shape. Try a mermaid-style dress because it hugs your perfectly proportionate curves before flaring out at the knees. Prom dress boutiques in Chicago like Peaches Boutique carry these styles of dresses and you are guaranteed to find one that fits you.  You may also want to consider an open-backed or low back prom dress. Some of these are completely bare, while others use mesh but they both end right above your hips, which focuses attention on your defined waist and fuller hips.

6. Pick the proper hemline if you are petite.  Choose either fit and flared shorter dresses that hit just above the knee or ankle length dresses but avoid dresses that hit mid-calf as they will make you look shorter. Consider wearing a hi-low prom dress because you’ll still get to wear the class long prom dress without it overwhelming your small stature and the shorter skirt in front will highlight your legs.

If you want to buy a new dress, you might be looking to maximize the use you get out of it to justify your purchase. Some dresses certainly are more likely to be worn multiple times than others. Among those frequently worn dresses are midi dresses. Among the many midi-dresses you can buy are all sorts of fun patterns and styles. Meanwhile, the length of a midi dress helps it to work, no matter where you are and what the circumstances are. Since the hem of the dress ends about halfway down your calves, it is an appropriate length for work. Yet, it can also be casual and fun, making it an ideal new addition to your closet.

When you are hunting for a new prom dress, you have a lot of factors to consider. You have to think about how it will make you look and how often you will be able to wear it. If you want a long-lasting dress you can wear all the time, a simple, elegant midi option may suit your needs. A midi dress is one with a below-the-knee and above-the-ankle hemline. Many midi dresses are quite simple in style, often having A-line shapes and simple embellishments like sashes around the waists. Their simplicity and length work together to make them great dresses for all sorts of events from casual to prom night. You can also wear midi dresses no matter what your height is, but if you are on the shorter wearing them with heels is recommended.

Since prom is all about you, consider which styles you like best and how you can get them to work to highlight your best features.


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