how to sell handmade clothing online

If you’re a big fan of fashion and have a knack for creating unique clothing and accessories by hand, you can make a bit of money, as well as a name for yourself, by selling your handmade items online. There’s a strong supportive online community out there willing to make purchases from small, independent businesses and artists like you, and you can tap into all of that if you go about your online shop the right way. Check out the tips below to get started selling handmade clothing online.

Choose the Right Online Marketplace

There are several great online marketplaces on which you can sell your handmade items. These marketplaces are well-known and visited by many people every day who know exactly where to go to find unique, handmade products they’ll love.

A few of the top online marketplaces that are preferred sites for handmade clothing shops include Etsy, DaWanda, Bonanza, iCraft, and Zibbet. Check out what each online marketplace has to offer, how much of a fee they take from each sale, and what their layout is like so you can target the one that’s right for you.

Always Use the Highest Quality Images

While it may be tempting to think that your smartphone camera or standard digital camera will suffice when it comes to taking great product images for your online clothing store, the truth is that you simply can’t beat the quality and expertise of a professional photographer.

Professional photography companies that specialise in fashion, such as Fashot, are available to take high-resolution images of every one of your items. They will not only properly light and set up the products, with models or without, but they’ll also know exactly how to enhance the images in post-production software. In this way, you can have high quality images, just like the big corporate clothing stores online, and visitors will be able to zoom into all of the intricate details of your products as well.  

Get on Social Media

Promoting your online store, once it’s up and the design is complete, of course, is the next step. Getting on social media channels, from Facebook to YouTube and everything in between, will give you a free way to advertise what you do and the products you have to offer. You can even post special sales and discounts, as well as contests, on your social media pages to get people to interact with you and “like” or “follow” your pages.

Optimise Your Site

Regardless of what platform you use to host your online clothing store, it should be optimised so it can show up in Google search results. But you also want to be sure that it’s an organised site that’s easy to navigate. Make it really simple for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. Combine this with a smooth and simple checkout process and stellar customer service, and you’ll have a site that people love visiting and shopping on.

By using the right strategy, you can create a strong online presence and sell your handmade clothing successfully.

Have you had much success selling your handmade clothing online?

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