Hosting a business conference is a great way to promote your company by getting your name out there and bringing together a lot of different experts in your industry so that people can come together, share ideas, and learn from one another as they network and make new connections.

How to Host an Engaging Business Conference

Despite the benefits of hosting a business conference, though, there are also many challenges involved that you should be aware of. So how can you go about hosting an engaging and memorable business conference? Continue reading for a few tips.

Focus on Finding the Right Location and Venue

A great location and venue is an important part of a successful business conference. Choosing a location that’s easy to access, even by public transportation, and booking a clean and modern venue with all of the amenities and technology that your speakers and attendees would need will ensure that the most people possible can attend and have a great time.

A good place to start is, where you can browse a variety of venues and then book some time to see them in person before signing a contract.

Set a Clear Agenda

Your guests should know exactly what to expect while at your conference, and posting the agenda ahead of time on your website is a great way to show people the value of your upcoming conference, thereby enticing them to register and attend.

Work with a team to create a detailed schedule that will maintain the interest of your attendees. Doing so will also ensure that your conference won’t drag and become tedious or boring. Also make it a point to break up events and meetings with plenty of food and drinks and entertaining activities so that it isn’t all work and no play.

Take Advantage of Nearby Attractions

Another reason why it’s so important to focus a lot of your time on finding the best location for your conference is because it will give you the opportunity to let your attendees know about all of the fun things that they can do during their downtime. At the end of each conference day, for example, your guests may want to check out local restaurants, visit nearby parks or beaches, or look for other forms of entertainment, such as shows or concerts. This is important because some relaxation between work will give your guests more of an appreciation for the conference itself without overworking them and tiring them out.

Switch Things Up with Technology

A lot of conferences are dull because they only offer speakers and nothing more. But if you implement technology, you can switch things up and keep your guests engaged. You can do things like show videos and presentations, distribute tablets that people can use for the conference itself, or have video conferences with guest speakers.

Now that you know a few of the best tactics that you can use when you’re ready to host an engaging business conference, you can ensure that the event will be attended by many people who are ready to get down to work, learn, and network.

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