New Hundred Dollar Bills backgroundAlthough most people are fully prepared to cut back on a number of monthly expenses in order to save money, completely cutting out entertainment isn’t always a viable option. Everybody needs a way to wind down and relax, and completely cutting out entertainment from your budget could only result in you becoming more stressed. However, entertainment doesn’t have to break the bank, and we’ve put together some tips to help you make the most from your money when it comes to fun and entertainment purposes.

Government Cell Phones

Although they are classed as an entertainment expense, cell phones are pretty necessary when it comes to our day to day lives. Being able to stay in touch with family and friends, get medical assistance if needed, and even apply for jobs or stay in touch with work, the high costs of keeping a cell phone are becoming too much for many people on a low income. This is why the Lifeline Assistance Program was set up, in order to provide those on a low income with free government cell phones so that they can have more money left over for other necessary expenses.

Use the Internet

Most households have an internet connection, and there are a number of sites where you can stream television shows and movies online for a very low cost or even for free. Using the internet rather than paying for a costly television package or paying for cable TV each month could save you quite a bit. You don’t even need a smart TV set to watch shows and movies on the internet either, as you can pick up a HDMI cable from most entertainment stores for just a few dollars, and use this to connect your laptop or PC to your television set.

Scout for Deals

Entertainment deals don’t come cheap, but if you know where you are looking, you can find a lot of deals and promotional offers. There are a number of websites which offer promotions on mobile phone contracts, television packages, and broadband packages. You could get money off, cash back deals, or even free items such as laptops and televisions by signing up to one of these deals. Looking for pre-owned and refurbished entertainment technology items is also a great way to save money rather than buying brand new.

Stick to a Budget

In order to make sure that you’re not spending any more than you can afford on entertainment each month, it’s a good idea to set a monthly entertainment budget and stick to it. This could include not only the fixed amounts which you pay for your television or streaming packages, but also any variable entertainment costs such as going to the cinema, eating out, and other things which you do for fun. Working out how much you can comfortably afford and making sure that you stay within that amount will help to ensure you don’t spend any more than necessary on entertainment.

How do you keep entertainment costs low? Let us know in the comments.


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