It is not unfathomable to imagine that baby formula can force you to file a lawsuit against someone. But things such as this do happen. Let’s start from the start.

Caring for your baby is essential and being a new parent, it becomes even more vital for you to keep yourself updated about even the smallest of nuances that go into child care.

Baby Formula Basics

Let’s start with the most essential items such as:

  • Baby formula
  • Clean water, preferably bottled (not tap)
  • Sanitized bottles
  • Soft and safe nipples
  • Burp cloth
  • Nipple brush
  • Feeding swing
  • Dishwasher basket
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Bottle sterilizer
  • Nipple softener

When it comes to feeding your baby for the very first time, you must prepare yourself well enough and the choice of bottle matters too.

Baby feeding bottles come in various shapes and sizes. They are primarily made of glass, silicon, steel, and plastic. Let’s talk about a few differences that you will notice right off the bat:


1- Plastic Bottles

Plastic available in the market today is free of BPA. This means that it is relatively safer for your children.

2- Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are easily sterilized but they are prone to breaking.

3- Silicon Bottles

Silicone bottles tend to be a little expensive but they are practical and easily sterilized.

4- Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel bottles are also great and they come with an inner and outer lining for better insulation.

Protecting Premature Infants From NEC

While it is very much desirable to keep a tab on the health of your baby, it is not as practical as it seems.

If you have had a premature baby, the chances of him becoming prone to countering diseases such as necrotizing enterocolitis increase significantly, especially if the hospital staff is not careful with their choice of baby formula.

Despite decades of research having been conducted on this disease, the true etiology of this health problem continues to be a mystery for various doctors and physicians.

This is why they often recommend highly standardized feeding protocols for premature infants. This helps in both prevention of any probable restriction of post-natal growth and NEC as well.

But What If Your Hospital Either Through An Error Of Omission Or Intentionally Puts Your Infant At Risk? Do You Qualify For An Enfamil Or Similac Lawsuit?


When you talk about the safety of your children there is no stone that you would want to leave unturned. If you look around, you will find a new Necrotizing Enterocolitis baby formula lawsuit popping up from almost every direction.

This is because of increased awareness among parents and wide media coverage that such cases get over the internet and several other channels.

If you suspect that your baby has been fed Similac or Enfamil at the hospital, it is time to look for a dependable lawyer in your city.

Make sure to provide them with the hospital name and location. You will also have to make sure that you produce proof of purchase, any packages or boxes of the formula, and receipts as evidence to strengthen your lawsuit.

Preventing NEC – Is It Possible?

While taking a legal course of action is a good option, you would also want to know about any preventive measures that can protect your baby from this devastating disease, to begin with.

Types Of Formulas To Use – Should You Care?

baby feeding

Actually, you should because there are many different formulas available on the market for your baby. Online recipes do appear to be very healthy but are they promising enough?

  • Going With Milk-Based Formula

You can go with milk-based formulas because they have added iron which your babies need. Also, try to find out a healthy mix of essential minerals and a good nutrition profile.

  • Soy-Based Mixtures

Soy-based formulas are also good and they are highly suitable for infants that have congenital lactase deficiency.

  • HypoallergenicChoice

Hypoallergenic formulas are safe for babies allergic to milk or soy.

  • Specialized Baby Formulas

Specialized baby formulas are also easily available and they are specially designed for premature babies.

Final Thoughts

This was just an attempt to make you aware of how even a mundane thing such as baby formula and a few nasty ingredients can put your baby at risk.

There is a bit of a legal aspect as well that you should understand just as explained above. There is also an aspect of due diligence that you must exercise as a parent. Being a mother or father is a full-time job and there are no breaks.


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