If your child’s birthday is in the month of October or early November? A Halloween birthday party could be the ideal party theme that translates into a lot of fun and is remembered by you and the child for years to come.

In the process, you are likely to save money on party decorations when you opt for Halloween decorations that you already bought or own. And the Halloween theme also gives the little one an extra chance to dress up in his/her favorite costume.  You can even buy cakes online that are specific to Halloween and your child’s birthday to make it more special.

So how do you make the occasion a whirlwind of fun? Here are some measures that are practically applicable:

1. Activities

One simple and safe birthday party activity is pumpkin decorating. Several small pumpkins can be bought and parents can help the child paint faces on each pumping with an acrylic craft paint. The other thing that the child can do to decorate the pumpkins is draw a design using washable markers or by using potato head pieces to make silly faces.

Halloween games for kids

Handcrafting and handprint activities could make the birthday fun for kids and adults alike. Instead of buying pumpkins, you can make them yourself by covering the palm of the baby with orange paint and adding a stem and a face when complete. Handprint with fingers facing the bottom of the page can be stamped and a face can be drawn on the palm to make ghosts. Apart from craft activities, you can also host some fun Halloween games for the kids.

2. Decorations

When decorating a Halloween-­themed birthday party, you should accent the cutest aspects of a usual Halloween celebration. Friendly ghosts, red lanterns and cuddly foam monsters are all good picks. Balloons and streamers can be picked in orange and black, but you can add yellow, purple and green as accent colors.

Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas
photo credit : Gemma Comas – Good Housekeeping

The accent colors will help give the birthday party a festive look and prevent the atmosphere from getting extra spooky for the little ones at the event. Make sure that you don’t go overboard and keep the decorations fairly simple. If you have too much décor, you may end up with a guest of honor who gets fussy from all the excitement.

3. Costumes

This is the section where you and the child can enjoy ahead of the event. Rather than buying Halloween costumes from a store or a thrift shop, enjoy making them yourself. You can get several easy costume ideas from Fiskars. There is advice there that teaches you not to start from the scratch, but to use pre­embellish clothing instead. You will also save yourself a lot of stress and time and get to the fun part by reading such tutorials.

For instance, you can make an adorable owl costume by using a simple brown shirt with simple fabric ovals sewn beginning at the bottom. Trace a bunch of ovals and cut them out during your daughter’s school time. Take a knit­cap and turn it inside out, cut off a semi­circle from the top, and sew back together to form an owl shape. Circles and triangle glued to the hat will complete the adorable face. Since the child will wear the costume on birthday and even sometimes to school, it will mean more adorable fall photos to fill up your family scrapbook.

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