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How to plan an unforgettable Bachelor Party

Bachelor PartyTrying to reach the level of unforgettable when you’re organizing a bachelor party may seem like a really big ask. That’s not necessarily the case though. All you really need is some imagination, a creative streak and a fair amount of planning. You can make the party one that no-one will be forgetting for a very long time.

We’re going to give you some tips for your next bachelor party, that apply just as much to bachelorette parties too. Make sure the event isn’t lame by taking our advice and adding your own personal touch for that extra dimension.

Go for the home option

It may sound really boring, but sometimes there really is no place like home. Think about it, if you have the space why not. You get to have a great time with just the people you’ve invited; no random strangers telling you how much they love you. It’s normally a cheaper option and you get to plan the exact theme and decoration. You can turn your home into a casino, you can party around the pool or you can start up the kids party games and the alcohol; always an interesting combination.

Capture the occasion

There is always the possibility that you won’t want some parts of the bachelor party captured in pictures, but generally it’s a good idea. Hopefully this is going to be the only one of these events the bride or groom has, so they want to be able to remember it in years to come. If money’s no object then invite a professional photographer to come along.

Realistically many people don’t have a huge budget, but that doesn’t have to be a problem. You can set up an event or page on social media so that people can post their own images of the night. If you want to have more control then hand out disposable cameras and collect them in at the end of the party. If any of the invited guests is an expert with a camera then give them the job of capturing all the fun.

Be safe and amazing

If you’re planning a bachelor party one of the most important things you need to think about is safety. The party isn’t going to be amazing if anything bad happens. You can never totally guard against every potential disaster but you at least need to try and make sure everyone stays safe.

Just to show you that safety isn’t boring and can actually be amazing, here’s an idea. Hire a fleet of limousines to make sure everyone is transported to and from venues safely and in luxury. Now that’s one way to make a bachelor party unforgettable.

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