Picnic DateIf you’re looking for an old school way to turn up the dial on romance, look to the masters of flirtation and head to a local park with a filled picnic basket in tow. Spring is on its way, and if you and your special someone are looking forward to taking in the sunshine and blossoming nature, it’s time to plan the perfect picnic date.

Pick Your Location

Why do we go on picnics? To get outdoors and enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer! So make sure you do your research and pick your neighborhood’s top picnic spot. You’ll be looking for a site with enough shade to protect you from hot sunshine for the hours you spend there, and you also probably want to steer clear of noisy playgrounds since romance is the name of your game. Picking your picnic location is way more than just staking out the perfect hill, though. Check the weather daily in the week leading up to your picnic, so you’re aware of varying temperatures throughout the day. The last thing you want to do is get caught in a flash spring rainstorm—it might sound romantic, but when you’re sopping wet and trying to clean up all of your supplies, you might feel a little differently.

The Packing List

Don’t forget to bring the right equipment for your picture-perfect picnic. If you can fit everything into one basket, you’ll make for a much easier setup and cleanup, but if you’re looking for comfort in the park, expect your arms to be filled. Within your basket, you’ll want to pack some cutlery. Sure, plastic forks and knives might sound like the easiest option, but real silverware will not only impress your date, but it’ll also do the environment a favor and keep picnic spots pristine.  Line the bottom of the basket with plastic wrap or a dishtowel to catch any condensation or drips and spills that happen during transports. Throw napkins into the mix to make sure you can clean up any messes, and bring along blankets and pillows to make sitting on the ground as comfy as possible.

Bring Along Entertainment

What should you do with your time when you’re not munching away on your delicious goodies? Bring along some alternative entertainment sources, of course. Whether you’re packing up a few favorite board games like Clue or Monopoly or slipping in a deck of cards, you’ll love whittling away the hours with your sweetheart in the park. If you’re looking for more active entertainment, pack a Frisbee or bring along a badminton to get your blood pumping in the spring sun. While the sounds of nature are lovely, nothing sets a romantic tone better than a playlist of love songs, so put together a cache of your favorites and bring along a portable speaker.

What’s On the Menu?

Arguably the most important thing to plan for your picnic is the menu. You may have memorized every course already or you might be scratching your head, but the key to planning a delicious picnic spread is finding items that can withstand hours of sun, yet still remain tasty and healthy. Some of the most popular fare includes finger foods that don’t go bad in the heat. Always avoid mayonnaise-based items, and if you’re taking salad, don’t put on dressing until you’re there to avoid a soggy, unpalatable mess. Easy fixings include pita sandwiches, pasta salad, baguettes, chips, and crackers. If you’re a cheese fan and want to bring along your favorite wedge, stick to hard options like parmesan and Gouda to make sure you don’t have any melting messes. If you’re planning last minute and don’t have time to grab all the necessities, use a company like New York-based PerfectPicnicNYC.com which will provide you with a pre-made basket or even set up the whole shindig for you. Bring along some personalized small bottles of wine to really impress your date with your thoughtfulness—especially if it’s a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. Chilled white wine is a popular option, as the crisp, cool tang will refresh during a warm spring day.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of water, since you don’t want to get dehydrated after spending a warm afternoon in the sun.

A spring picnic is the ultimate warm weather date idea. Romance isn’t just for , and if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to bring some spark into your relationship, follow these simple guidelines for the picture-perfect picnic date.


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