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Starting a home based online trading business used to mean weeks, and possibly months of red tape. Nowadays, practically anyone can start trading online from their home in a matter of minutes. What does it take to make this kind of small business a success? Like anything else, there’s a learning curve.

Most investors make the transition slowly, starting out with just a few hours of trading per week. As their familiarity with the mechanics of trading and the markets grows, they consider making a day-job out of their new skill. One factor that has played a key role in this new sector of the economy is the ease of trading. Brokers such as easyMarkets let home-based traders use sophisticated software to monitor the market and place trades.

Anyone considering a home-based, online trading business should keep the following points in mind:

Check into Required Licenses

Depending where you live, you might need to get a business license if trading is your primary occupation. This point is only a factor is your local or national taxing authority forces you to register your business. If you aren’t sure what the law is, check with an attorney and find out what you need to do to get started. It’s smart to play by the rules in order to avoid getting hit with a fine or penalty later on.

Try Several Types of Software

There are several very good software packages for traders, but they’re all a bit different in terms of what they focus on. For example, some software is designed only for traditional stocks, bonds and CFDs (contracts for difference). If you want to trade cryptocurrency, options or any other financial instruments, you’re out of luck. Always use the trial week or trial month when you are thinking about purchasing a software package. Keep in mind that many online traders and brokers offer built-in software that is fully capable of handling any type of trading an individual would need. Still, always check the functionality and be certain that whatever software you end up with is a good match for your style of trading.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Ease into full-time trading over a period of about six months. Don’t quit your current job unless you have another source of income. No matter how skilled you are or how confident you are, it takes a while to learn the science and art of trading.

Use Simulated Trading Platforms to Practice

All the top-notch online brokers and platforms have trading simulators you can use for practice. This is the ideal format for learning the ins and outs of the market and seeing exactly what is involved with placing a trade. Commit to spending at least an hour each day on the simulator while you learn the ropes.

Specialize in One or Two Markets

The global marketplace is huge. It’s hard to learn everything, especially if you are new to the game. Decide what you want to specialize in. Choosing a specialty is a smart way to be efficient with your time. Perhaps your interests are with cryptocurrencies and options, or stocks and ETFs, or something else. Market trainers say that new traders who specialize learn the craft much faster than people who try to learn every facet of the market and attempt to trade all sorts of diverse instruments.


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