The University of Huddersfield is a thriving modern university that offers excellent career prospects, excellent facilities and a relatively low price of student accommodation Huddersfield, which attracts students from both the UK and other countries. The University of Huddersfield is a successful institution with an innovative approach to educational activities and glorious traditions of the 19th century. According to authoritative research of The Independent and The Times, the University of Huddersfield entered the list of top 100 universities in the UK. This is one of the largest universities in the country in terms of the number of students. The university offers various options for a high-quality education. No wonder that it wins one of the leading places for student satisfaction among universities in the North of England.

Student Clubs and Societies

Being subject to multi-million dollar investments, this picturesque place provides a high-quality learning environment for students. The University of Huddersfield has many different student clubs and societies at your disposal. In addition, the well-developed infrastructure of the city won’t allow students to get bored. The University has its own Students’ Union. Here you will be able to join a huge group of student volunteers.The Students’ Union is the centre of a variety of services and projects, as well as a place to meet with friends. Here you can listen to music, watch TV, play pool, participate in contests, enjoy theatrical performances or just learn the latest news. In addition, the Students’ Union offers a variety of services including consulting and information centers, whose staff will offer you confidential and impartial advice on any financial, educational or social issue (starting from supporting students in matters of social security, writing articles for the student magazine, and ending with the preparation of entertainment and parties for students). Huddersfield Student Society includes representatives of more than 130 nationalities. Besides, each faculty has its own community, where students can get help in finding a part time job while studying.

Students of this well-known university actively organize student communities and societies. They participate in sports and social activities that are supported by the Students’ Union. There are gyms, sports grounds, cinemas, theatres, museums and night clubs at their disposal.

Currently, all students of the University of Huddersfield are free to use the swimming pools and visit various clubs and parties. In addition, the campus houses different National Students’ Societies: African Caribbean Society, Chinese Society, Christian Union, Huddersfield university student newspaper, Indian Society, North American Society, the Islamic Association and many sports clubs.



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  1. May I ask why you chose to blog about UH? My daughter just received her acceptance email last night, so we are pretty excited ( well…terrified, but excited, lol!).

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