It’s a fact of life these days that kids are as busy as bees. In addition to school responsibilities, many kids participate in things like team sports, dancing lessons, and music classes. This is a good thing. What’s not so good for moms is that kids don’t have cars and need to be driven almost everywhere they go.

taxi moms

Even with one child, shuttling them to and from activities and classes can eat up a huge chunk of the day. Factor in multiple children attending multiple activities, and it’s no wonder that a lot of moms feel like unpaid taxi drivers. If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know about the following ways you can streamline your taxi schedule and save your sanity.

Family Planning Meetings

Dedicate one afternoon or evening per week to family scheduling. Sunday evenings work well for most families and helps them to roll out of bed on Monday morning, ready to deal with the week ahead.

Use the meeting time to discuss everyone’s activities and mark them on a calendar. Be sure to include homework due dates and school-sponsored field trips, too.

Figure out which parent will drive whom to where, and when. If your neighbors’ kids are on the same sports team or play together in the school symphony, see about sharing rides on alternating weeks or another schedule that works for everyone, recommends Parents magazine.

Make a note of any supplies that need to be obtained or purchased for an upcoming event. This will help to prevent frenzied, last-minute shopping trips the night before a scheduled event, say planning experts at Lasting Order. Sign permission slips in advance and clip them to the calendar.

Good Habits and Healthy Routines

Family members who put things away after they’re done using them contribute mightily to an organized household. Create a ‘staging area’ near the front door and use it to organize your comings and goings.

Get into the good habit of hanging your keys on a hook inside the door, and you’ll never feel like a crazy mom who can’t find her car keys again.

Tired moms need all the help they can get. Encourage kids to put dirty clothes into hampers and never on the floor. Better yet, teach older kids how to use a washing machine and dryer for themselves.

Pack a “Mom Bag” And Take It Everywhere You Go

Waiting around for kids to finish sports practice or dance lessons can be an exercise in frustration. It won’t be, if you take along a few things to keep you hydrated and amused. Pack a tote bag with a good book, reading glasses, a crossword puzzle and a couple of pencils, and bottled water. Include a notebook or your knitting, and you’ll never feel overwhelmed with boredom as you wait for your kid in your Dodge Dart or other vehicle.

The “taxi mom” years won’t last forever, you know. Running around town taking your kids to their various and sundry activities can be thoroughly enjoyable, if you plan ahead.

Olivia Sharp enjoys writing parenting articles; sometimes using funny (funny after the event!) stories for her topics, other times sharing her top parenting tips to help new moms stay sane!



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