Are you still using those worn out earbuds that came with your music player, or phone? I’m guilty! I am in need of a serious upgrade. I’m thinking about Beats by Dr. Dreupgrading my current busted earbuds with urBeats Earbud Headphones by Dr. Dre. The solid metal housing of the urBeats In-Ear EarBud Headphones are high quality and I won’t have to worry about them falling apart right after I start using them.

I’d go for the UrBeats in hot pink, but the other colors are just as gorgeous and eye-catching. And I’m excited to see if the cords really are tangle-free. I think it’s pretty neat that it doesn’t matter how carefully you wind the cords up, cords and pockets just don’t mix, but with these earbuds it really doesn’t matter. The urBeats were redesigned with cables to make sure they’re ultra-flexible and tangle-free.

I’m looking forward to enjoying improved durability and better sound. And to make sure I see these either under the tree or in my stocking this year I’m sending my husband to Walmart for these Beats by Dr. Dre urBeats In-Ear Earbud Headphones.


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