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I write because it’s more personal to me than typing

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There are many reasons why I write. I love the connection I have with my thoughts when I’m getting them down on paper. I write because it’s more personal to me than typing.

When I was eight years old, my mom bought me my very first diary. Looking back through the pages of my childhood diaries bring me back. Back when the hardest decision of my day was figuring out who to play with or what to go do after school. I documented everything. I started each morning by writing down what time I woke up and what I had for breakfast, what I wore and what I did. I would write if my little brother was misbehaving or if my dad was on duty or working late. I wrote down all the places my mom would take us and I even wrote down my little adventures around my neighborhood. When we took road trips my mom would have me keep a driving journal.

Not much changed as the years went on. I still kept journals but started writing poems, doodling in song lyrics, gluing bits of memorabilia to the pages such as movie ticket stubs, concert ticket stubs, parking passes, special napkins, notes from friends and boyfriends, birthday cards and menus. As I got older I would create art journals and focused more on doodling than writing. My journaling evolved into a form of scrapbooking, but never once did I stop writing.

After I got married and had my first child I discovered the world of blogging. I think when I started blogging I might have shared too much. After the novility of blogging wore off I found myself right back inside the pages of my journal. I hated that I missed so many years documenting my life, especially with all the changes of getting married, moving to a new state and becoming a parent. Writing on paper with a pen in hand is so much more personal than just typing my thoughts out onto a computer and having a great pen to write with is very important. I’ve always been partial to my uni ball and I found a great selection of them at Office Depot.

I’m a very nostalgic person, and writing thank you cards, letters, journals and daily planning keeps me connected to the old way of doing things. I don’t want to see hand-written notes and letters totally disappear like I fear it will with the rise of computers and cursive no longer being taught to our children in school. Just because I can quickly send an e-mail doesn’t mean I should. I try to send a hand written letter every once in a while to a good friend of mine. I snail mail thank you cards and like I mentioned above, I still write in a journal.

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