In recent years, DST has been on a steady rise from being an unknown to one of America’s hottest real estate firms. With the right information and some guidance, you can take advantage of this opportunity as well. In this article, we will outline ways that you can identify DST Real Estate Opportunities. Let’s get started!

Identify Trends

One way to find good opportunities is by identifying trends. It would be best to look for currently undervalued properties or have a high demand but low supply in the area. The best investments come from areas with pent-up demand, and homes are not readily available because they might be newer constructions with lots of restrictions on them.

Property Location

You should also consider the location of your property very carefully. For example, if you want to invest in DST properties, it is better to be successful if you buy an investment home on the outskirts of town instead of one within city limits.

People Skills

The best real estate investors are not necessarily those with business skills; they are people who can network well and find good deals quickly from experienced brokers or other sources because this reduces risk greatly.

You could have all the knowledge in the world about trends and locations, but no deal will go through without effective communication skills! If you do not possess these soft skills already, however, never fear – by investing time into learning them now before looking for opportunities, you stand to benefit even more down the road.

Valuation Of The Property

You should also consider the valuation of your property carefully. You will need to know exactly how much you are paying for each square foot and what other properties in that area have sold for recently so you can benchmark your purchase properly. This is necessary because it helps determine if an investment was good or bad – which can be difficult to assess on one’s own, especially when emotions get involved!

Investment Purpose And Investment Horizon

In addition to all of these things, you should also consider your investment’s primary purpose and high. For example, suppose it is a buy-to-let condo for vacation rental purposes or flipping properties immediately after purchase. In that case, you have different criteria than someone who wants to hold on to their property until retirement!

Expected Cash Flows And Profit Opportunities

The next step is to look at your intended investment’s cash flow and profit potential. If you can get a solid return on your initial investment, then that is great! Not every property will be like this, though, so if one has negative returns, it does not necessarily mean it should be avoided – make sure there are no other issues with the home itself or its location before buying.

Indirect Investments

You should consider indirect investments. For example, suppose there is a lot of commercial development going on in your area. In that case, it might be worth investing as an owner-occupier rather than as a DST investor because the latter’s profits will probably not go up much – this does not mean that they are bad or anything, though.

Exchange listings

Another way to identify good opportunities is by looking at the 1031 exchange listings. You should invest in a company that has been through an IPO or acquisition before because it shows that they have already done well and are more likely to continue doing so.

Overall Real Estate Market

You should consider the overall real estate market when making your investments. For example, if there is an economic downturn or interest rates go up, then it might be better to invest in something less risky at that point because you do not want to lose money!

Government Policies

Another consideration is any government policy changes that might affect you. For example, if taxation on rental income goes up by 25%, then it will be very hard to get good returns in the future – which means you should research this before making your purchase decision.

Tax On Capital Gains

You should also consider the tax on capital gains before investing in your new property because this will greatly affect your potential returns! If it is high, then why bother investing at all if you are not going to be able to keep much of the profit? Just something else that you have to think about when making an investment decision – nothing more or less.

Compliance Requirements for Foreign Ownership

Compliance requirements for foreign ownership of certain types of real estate investments can make them difficult to get into. Still, there are ways around these rules, so do research thoroughly and talk with a professional who understands how everything works! It’s important too because if one does not follow the proper procedure, they could get fined or put in prison – not good! Be sure to do your homework thoroughly before making any purchase decisions.


These factors are important when deciding how to make DST investments because they affect everything else about the process. However, knowing what each one does can help investors become better at identifying opportunities and maximizing profits for their business goals.


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