If you believe that you are unaffected by marketing and that the package that your products come in is irrelevant, you are sorely mistaken. Multiple studies have shown that the packaging is very important when choosing whether or not to buy a product.

People at Box Co-Op give you some idea of how important branding is in this article packaging-university branding . But apart from the brand itself, colors are probably the biggest trigger. Even though you may not realize it, unconsciously we respond to colors. There are some colors which are associated with certain feelings and messages. Marketing specialists know this well and have been using it for a long time to affect us. Now you can get a glimpse into this strategy and compare it to your favorite products and custom boxes.

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This strong color gives a sense of power and passion. It’s no accident Ferraris are most commonly red. When it comes to everyday products, however, this color can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, products which try to evoke passion and strength can make it work, but it can also trigger a sense of danger and stop people in their tracks.


Blue is a safe color. The vast majority of people like blue and they tend to trust it. A lot of banks use this color for that same reason. With trust comes loyalty, and people gladly return to the stores and products which use blue as a primary color.


Green has a calming effect on people, as well as being associated with wealth. In the recent years, the color has been associated with the Eco-friendly movement, so the majority of products which bank on this aspect use this color. However, when you are buying products, be sure that the green actually stands for eco-friendly before you spend your cash.


Yellow is linked to optimism and is visually very striking. It can be used to grab the attention of the customers. It is also said to increase appetite, so food items and particularly fast food restaurants love this color.


Black is often seen as sophisticated and is therefore reserved for high-end products. Things like expensive electronics and cosmetics tend to be packaged in sleek black packages. However, sometimes cheaper products are packaged in black in order to make them look more respectable.


White denotes simplicity and honesty. Products packaged in this color want to show they have nothing to hide and are honest with you. It can also represent purity, so various cosmetics use this color heavily.


Any shade of purple is immediately linked to royalty and splendor. Chances are that products packaged in purple are fairly expensive. This is another color heavily exploited by the cosmetics industry, particularly for anti-aging products.


This is another relaxing color. It is very inoffensive and non-threatening, so people feel relaxed with products packaged in pink. This, however, makes it easier to spend money on things you don’t really need.


Orange makes you think of fairness and affordable prices. This is why you find this color in various big stores.

There are other colors, as well as color combinations which tend to affect us subconsciously. Make sure you bring this knowledge with you next time you go shopping and try to separate the actual product qualities from the perceived ones.



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