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All I can say is, FINALLY! A Naked palette for the pale ones. I’m in love with the rose-hued shadows in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The long-awaited follow-up to Naked and Naked2 (two of the industry’s all-time bestselling palettes) is here! The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette ($52.00) is packed with 12 (each 0.05 oz) full-size new ways to get Naked. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a week’s worth of primer, and the ever popular dual-ended crease & shadow eye brush. The hues of pink and brown in this palette have never been seen before, and they are stunning.


I’ve been a Naked addict since 2010, ever since I got my hands on the first Naked palette. I quickly fell head over heels in love with Virgin; it’s my all-time favorite shadow, but now, I’ve got a new favorite shadow: Dust. I really haven’t wanted any other shadows since Naked & Naked 2. I tend to use my Naked palettes more than any other eye-shadows in my arsenal. Neutral shades of grey and brown are my go-to colors. I was never much of a fan of neutrals, that was until the Naked & Naked 2 palettes entered my life. I was excited when I learned that the Naked 3 palette would be packed with rose-hued neutrals, peachy and silver sparkles. Something slightly different than the first two Naked palettes, but still very much in the neutral family. Rose-hued neutrals are great for my pale skin tone.


I really like the names of these shadows. For all you matte lovers, don’t worry, you haven’t been left out, there are 3 matte shadows, and 9 shimmers. There is something in this palette for everyone.





  • Strange – Is described as a “Pale neutral pink matte-satin.” I find this color a little too dark for highlighting my brows. I tend to go for more of a white than a pink neutral. Strange might work just fine if you have a darker complexion. This shade doesn’t show up very well on my skin tone. I find that using a primer is a must for this hue to really pop.
  • Dust – Is described as a “Pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-shimmer.” It’s one of my favorite shades in the entire palette. This color is more glittery than any of the other shadows. Since this shade does have a lot of glitter in it you might want to think about dampening your brush just a little to get a better application.
  • Burnout – Is described as a “Light pinky peach satin”. This very blendable, highly pigmented shade has a beautiful copper, pearly finish to it.
  • Limit – Is described as a “Light dusty rose matte”. I’m not a huge fan of matte eye-shadow, but this one is soft and smooth. Again, very blendable and highly pigmented. It’s a very pretty rose shade.
  • Buzz – Is described as a “Metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter”. Love the glitter in this shade. I’m a huge fan of glitter in my eye-shadow. Since this shade does have a lot of glitter in it you might want to think about dampening your brush just a little to get a better application.
  • Trick – Is described as a “Light metallic pinky copper with tonal micro-sparkle”.



  • Nooner – Is described as a “medium pinky-brown matte“. This is another great matte to use to blend your colors together. It’s highly pigmented and shows up great on my fair skin.
  • Liar – Is described as a “Medium metallic mauve shimmer”. The mauve shimmer is insanely beautiful.
  • Factory – Is described as a “pinky-brown satin“. This is a great color to use with either Strange or Dust for a two-shadow look.
  • Mugshot – Is described as a “Metallic taupe shimmer w/slight pink shift”. The slight bit of pink in his color gives a subtle amount of shimmer and is another great color for blending.
  • Darkside – Is described as a “Deep taupe-mauve satin”.  Darkside is just that, dark but blends out beautifully.
  • Blackheart – Is described as a “Smokey black matte with with rosy red red micro-sparkle”.  With undertones of ruby red glitter and sparkle I find that shade is very similar to MAC Beauty Marked.




Order the Naked 3 palette at (it’s currently sold out but you can sign up to receive an e-mail when the Naked 3 palette is back in stock). I’m loving this palette! You will too. I will share some looks I created with this palette soon, but for now, I just wanted to get this up for you all to check out.

Do you have a Naked palette at home? Which is your favorite?


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  1. this is on my wish list for santa to bring!! i keep hearing such amazing things about UD and the naked palettes

  2. Gorgeous colors! I meant to check this out at Ulta this weekend, and I totally forgot!! UGH!!! Oh well, I guess that just means I need to go back, right?

  3. I love the colors! Like you, I am extremely fair skinned so these colors would be perfect for me!

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