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Intel All-in-One

We are coming off a 3-week Christmas break. The kids are sick and tired of doing all the activities I’ve done with them in the house to try and keep warm during the arctic cold weather we’ve been experiencing. I really can’t blame them, though.

Even though it’s their holiday break, mommy still has to work. I’ve managed to find a good work flow and schedule. I only work when the kids are either napping, doing a craft, or watching the little bit of TV I allow each day. Our Intel All-In-One has revolutionized how I spend my time and helped foster innovation and creativity in our home. I’ve had our beautiful Intel AIO since September of 2012, and it has helped to inspire a new way of thinking and doing that creates more possibilities in our household. I have managed to stay better organized and my Intel All-In-One makes my life on social media so much easier to manage. And since our AIO can be easily unplugged and moved around the house, I can get more done without being tied down to one corner of the house.

It feels like I can get through e-mails so much quicker using the touch-screen option. Using Windows 8 makes multi-tasking a breeze. My Intel All-In-One is a time saver when it comes to completing blogging tasks and sharing via social media. I can get so much accomplished, and have fun while doing so.

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When I’m not working, I let the kids take over our AIO.  My youngest is only 2, but he knows how to operate our family’s Intel AIO better than I do, or than his dad does for that matter. It seems like children these days know more about technology than the parents. The AIO is helping me inspire a new generation of thinking and doing that creates more possibilities for my children. They play games and watch movie trailers, but Jasmine also loves to pretend to blog (like her mom). She sits at the computer and types. I give her sentences to type or dictate to-do lists to her for Jasmine to type out. I then send the lists to my cell phone via e-mail. I love that our AIO is encouraging her to use writing skills and develop typing skills. Writing can be a difficult thing to get kids interested in – and I love that our kids are thinking about writing as something fun.

Another way we’re inspiring a new generation of thinking and creating more possibilities for our kids is by  introducing them to social media (in age-appropriate ways).  I’ve even created both of my children e-mail accounts – not to use so much but to just have and hold on to in case their name is taken in the future and it’s harder for them to create their e-mails. Next, I’ll do social media, Twitter, and a few other social media outlets. I’ll hoard them for my kids so they are all set when they are old enough to use them.

I'm inspiring a new generation of thinking and doing that creates more possibilities for my children.


Since J’s little brother likes to bother her every chance he gets, it’s nice that I can easily move the AIO from room to room. I love having my kids play together, but they do need, and deserve, their own time to play. Obviously, our family computer serves more purposes than just my work station, it’s also where my family comes together to play, be entertained, have fun and inspire imagination and creativity.

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Intel strives to make our world a better place today and for generations to come by advocating for and supporting education, empowerment, and sustainability to drive economic opportunity and positive social change. At the Consumer Electronics Show this year #CES2014, Intel focused on driving positive change. This is the kind of thing we are trying to focus on in our family. Our revolutionized family time has helped to foster innovation and creativity in our home.

How do you plan to foster innovation and creativity in your home?


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  1. Boy do I need one of those(just for myself), lol! Our kids are grown-ups now, but we fostered their creativity the old fashioned way…letting them get lost in the world of reading. It’s carried with them to adulthood and they all have a passion to continuously read. But I’m pretty sure they would have loved to have the Intel AIO. 🙂 Stopping by from the Southern Girl Blog FB group…have a wonderful evening!

  2. Love all of these features! We’re going to need a new desktop soon and this will be put high up on our list!

  3. I love the touch screen and that it is great for adults and kids! What an awesome product!

  4. oh my gosh, that is one sleek looking product! Love the size of it too – Intel is so important to have on a computer – and tablet!!