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James Bobin Director Muppets Most Wanted
Chatting with MUPPETS MOST WANTED Director James Bobin – Photo: Momstart

James Bobin, the director of the 2011 film, The Muppets returns as not only the director of Muppets Most Wanted, but this time, he co-wrote the script with Nicholas Stoller. James was nice enough to sit down with our blogging group and answer a few questions for us.

James told us that he has been a fan of the Muppets since he was a child, so getting to work with them was a dream come true, not once, but twice. When James was asked who was the most difficult Muppet to work with he replied, “They’re all a total joy to work with.” James said this in a totally sarcastic voice. I was expecting Bobin to tell us that Miss Piggy is the most difficult Muppet to work with, but Bobin replied, “Constantine has his moments, but he’s not all bad all the time.” James when on to say “We are all just kids at heart, right? Getting to wake up every day and go to work with The Muppets is really just a dream come true”.

Q: Do you approach celebrities to do cameos, or do they come to you and say, “I want to appear in the movie?”

JAMES BOBIN : Generally, we write them in for the specific idea in mind, then we have a person, or a type of person in mind, quite often it’s the actual person who we write in. Like, you know, the Usher is gonna be played by Usher, that’s an easy one. That’s the joke, you know? Sometimes there are roles which are just like “a guy who’s delivering something,” or “a waiter” or something where by it could really be anybody. And then we start finding out just subtly who are Muppet fans, and people who we know, and we hear about who like the Muppets. James said “but really, aren’t we all just kids at heart”? It’s easy to tell just how much James enjoys working with The Muppets, he gets to be a kid again, and that’s always fun.

Q: Were there any scenes that had to be cut for time that you particularly wish you hadn’t had to cut?

JAMES BOBIN: That’s a funny question. There’s going to be a fair amount because on the DVD I remember James Bobin Director Muppets Most Wantedthem saying the other day there’s something like 15 minutes of extra material. But rather than any one scene I think it’s generally just extra longer versions of the scenes that already exist. I can’t think off the top of my head of anything I think I gravely miss, and that’s very a good thing too, isn’t it?

There’s a funny thing that when, you see Constantine has this kind of, now I’m obviously very aware of the idea of guns in the Muppet movie and so when Constantine has a gun it’s a flint lock musket, right, it’s an old kind of pistol.

And there’s this whole thing where upon he shoots, hits one, and sort of goes “poof” and he goes, “Oh it’s a muzzle loader,” and he has to get a barrel and a wadding and push it back in, and I thought that was a really funny idea – he has this ancient pistol. But that was cut, but that–- that joke I always really liked that joke, he had a muzzle loaded old pistol, that he stole off the wall of the Tower of London and it doesn’t work very well. So I thought it’s a funny joke.

Bobin knew that he didn’t want to make the same film twice, and as successful as The Muppets was, most of the film was shot inside a theater. Bobin knew to make a successful sequel he would need to take The Muppets out of the theater and have them go on a world tour. And who doesn’t love a world tour? A world tour gives more opportunity to visit unique locations.

Muppets Most Wanted Director James Bobin
MUPPETS MOST WANTED Director James Bobin – Photo: Momstart

Next up for Bobin, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, but will he work with The Muppets again? “We’ll see how this one does first, but I hope so.” I really hope Bobin is involved in the next Muppets movie, his excitement for The Muppets is infectious and I can tell he really enjoys working with them.

My kids are in love with all things Muppets lately. Have you seen all the adorable Muppets toys? I’m seriously considering purchasing a The Muppets Toddler Backpack for my youngest.


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