With increasing numbers of couples getting married only after they have settled down and had children, tying the knot is becoming even more of a family affair. As a parent, you might want to involve your little ones in as much of the ceremony and celebrations as possible. But, when it comes to choosing the engagement ring or wedding bands, is allowing the kids to have their say and accompany you on shopping trips a good idea? We’ve listed some points for and against.

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For: Spending Time Together

Getting married and planning a wedding day is an extremely memorable and happy time for any couple, and if you are parents who are finally planning to tie the knot, involving your children in as many aspects of the wedding planning as possible can be a great way of spending quality time together as a family and having fun. Of course, you should both do some things alone, but making the whole process of wedding planning and getting married as much of a family affair as possible can definitely help to strengthen your family bond. With stunning engagement rings available online from Ascot Diamonds, you can all browse together from the comfort of home.

Against: Kids Can Get Bored

Unless you’ve got adult children or teenagers who are eager to come along and help you pick the perfect engagement rings or wedding bands, younger children are probably best left out of the process of ring choosing. Taking young children along to look at and choose wedding rings for their mom and dad may seem like a really cute idea, but in reality, you could just end up feeling stressed out from looking after bored little ones. If your children aren’t really old enough to understand the process fully or engage in the decision-making, ring shopping may be something that’s better off tackled alone as a couple.

For: Budgeting Skills

If you’re the parents of older children, involving them in shopping for an expensive and valuable purchase such as an engagement ring or wedding bands can definitely teach them a lot about budgeting and help them to manage their money better later in life. Taking your teenager or young adult on a shopping trip for an expensive purchase can help them to better understand the value of money and learn how to make their own wise shopping decisions when they become an adult.

Against: Distractions

Shopping for an engagement ring or your wedding bands should be a fun, happy and romantic time together for you and your partner, whether you choose to spend it with just the two of you or with your family. But, for many couples, although involving the little ones in buying a ring can seem like a nice idea at the time, having the kids with you can often be very distracting, something that you don’t need when you’re trying to choose an expensive ring to wear for the rest of your life.

As parents, getting married often means getting the kids involved. But, should parents let their kids help when choosing wedding and engagement rings? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.


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