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Is it safe for your children to be in the house when pest control is taking place?

Pest control is a necessity, whether it’s to prevent your home from becoming infested, or to cure an infestation that has already happened. If you have children living in your home you may be concerned about the effects of pest control on them. The good news is that pest control experts know how to carry out treatments in a safe manner, and they can advise you on safety measures to follow.

This is why it’s important to call the experts when you are having a problem with pests, so that your children are safe. If you seek help from exterminators in Las Vegas or elsewhere they can make sure the job is done safely and efficiently.

What specific issues can children have?

Children often don’t react to pesticides in the same way that adults do, which is why seeking help from knowledgeable experts is useful. Children are more sensitive to toxins which can have an adverse effect. Their kidneys and liver are not as developed as those of adults so they are not as able to remove pesticides from their bodies. Children can also take more pesticides into their body as they take more breaths than adults.

What precautions should you take during pest control?

Children are far more likely to come into contact with some areas where pesticides have been used, such as areas that are close to the floor. Although the pesticides used in pest control are low level, they can still be harmful until they are dry.

This is why you will be advised to keep away from any surfaces that have been treated for 2-4 hours. It can be difficult to keep an eye on children, and make sure that they stay away from treated areas. For this reason, and because of their increased sensitivity to pesticides, it’s a good idea to keep children out of your home for up to four hours after the pest control treatment has taken place. That way you can have peace of mind when they re-enter your home.

If the exterior of your home is being treated for pests then make sure your children are not playing in the area where the treatment is taking place, and again keep them away from the area for a few hours after treatment just in case. It’s a good idea to make sure they are wearing shoes, as a precaution, when you let them go back to the treated area.

Pest control professionals know exactly what type and quantities of pesticides to use to clear your home of pests in a safe manner. They will advise you on any safety precautions it is necessary to take; for you or your children. If you follow their guidance then you will have no problem with the pest control process, and your children will be back playing in a pest free home, within hours of the treatment taking place.


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