There is a reason that “junk food” is called junk. Whether it is made from processed sugar, high trans fats or unpronounceable ingredients, the key is that it’s devoid of anything nutritious. The problem is that it tastes so darn good. After all, since it isn’t good for you, doesn’t make you feel good or promote good health, what other reason would you have to ingest it?

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Beverage wholesale companies can attest that junk food might not make us feel good when it comes to energy or overall health, but eating it is like a drug. It creates a sensual and satiating emotional response that seems to make everything all better, while at the same time it really makes our bodies so much worse. So, if you are ready to kick the habit and find happiness in foods that are good for your mind, body, and spirit, you have to overcome junk food’s addictive nature.

Just like any other addiction, staying away from junk food is not only mind over manner — it takes overcoming chemical dependence. When with held, junk food ingredients can trigger the same withdrawal symptoms as other addictive substances like alcohol, drugs, and nicotine.

The good news is that extinguishing your inner junk-food junkie can be accomplished with some determination and commitment. If you follow these tips, unhealthy foods may no longer have a hold on you, either physically or mentally.

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A Small Amount of Exercise

When you feel like scarfing down a bowl of potato chips or other fatty food, remove yourself from temptation both physically and emotionally by strapping on your gym shoes and going for a walk. The best substitute for junk-food addiction is endorphins — mood enhancers released when you get your blood pumping and your body moving. Just a brisk ten-minute walk can make you forget about your fat cravings.

Plan Ahead of Time

Besides the taste of junk food, its other advantage is convenience. If you want to decrease the likelihood that you will give in to cravings, then plan your meals ahead of time and take them on the go. If you know you have a healthy alternative to a drive-thru or convenience store item waiting for you, you are more apt to make sound and nutritional choices when partaking in meals or snacking to tide yourself over.

Wait Out Your Cravings

Cravings are a conditioned response that has been developed over time to fatty foods and sugar. You can over ride your cravings if you give yourself some time to rationalize through eating junk food. Science shows that cravings only last about ten minutes. So, if you can wait out the ten minutes and not give in, saying “no” to junk food can become easier with each new craving you conquer.

Figure Out What Your Triggers Are

Junk food is comfort food. People tend to eat unhealthy foods due to psychological triggers. Start noticing when the cravings come on and examine what conditions cause them. If you can tackle the emotional stress before it drives you to eat, you can significantly reduce your desire to eat junk food to make stress, go away. Prevention is always the best medicine.

Find a Reasonable Substitute

If you want to reduce your cravings for junk food, then find an alternative that is healthy but also enjoyable. If you try to substitute junk food by forcing yourself to eat something that you don’t enjoy very much, the experience won’t lead to a positive feeling. That makes you less likely to break the junk food cycle. Find those healthy things that are tasty and have them handy to replace the really bad stuff.

Don’t Deprive Yourself Altogether

The key to getting your junk food addiction under control is to give yourself a break and not have the mindset that you can’t ever have anything unhealthy again. Junk food is okay in moderation, as long as you’re balancing your diet to get the nutritional things you need for health and longevity.

Giving in sometimes won’t undo the progress you’ve made. What you will find is that your body will start to crave the healthier things you eat and will start to over ride your junk food drives. Give yourself a break and realize you are human, and allow yourself a little guilty pleasure once in a while.

Junk food doesn’t improve your health, but there is no doubt that sometimes it can make you feel really good. If you want to cut your addiction, it may take some time and patience, but making smarter choices will lead to a healthier and happier new you.


Hey there, I’m Tiffany! I’m a work-at-home mom of two rambunctious children (Jasmine, 9 + Sean II, 5) and recently widowed at just 35 years old. I've remarried and currently live right outside of Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, Louisiana with two adoring cats and a dog. Let's connect on Twitter @fabulousmomblog.

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