Traveling with kids is always trying. Even the best prepared parents can be blindsided by a backseat temper tantrum or a bored toddler who quickly becomes entertained by kicking the back of a seat. Keeping kids safe and entertained can be tough so here are a few useful car travel tips for parents. To get kids from from A to B safely can be achieved easily without them tearing their hair out (and the vehicle up!) with boredom in the process:

Make sure everything is secure — especially the kids

Parents should always pack the car prior to loading the little ones in. Be sure that everything is secure inside and that there are no loose items which could fly around during driving and harm or distract anyone in the car. Packing in advance gives parents an idea of how much room is left for the kids themselves and allows them to make the journey safer by installing their respective car seats. There are plenty of websites that offer advice for procuring the appropriate car seats for every child based on age, weight etc. If you have the right type of car seat, the kids can be comfortable, the parents can have peace of mind, and everyone’s journey will be infinitely more enjoyable.

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Get creative

Spending time as a family cooped up in a car is an ideal time to actually talk as a family. Play games with the kids or take turns making up stories. This is real bonding time and brings families closer together. For those other times though, it’s good to have a portable DVD player and some headphones at the ready as well as lots of pens, paper and other car-appropriate activities that will keep little ones occupied and provide some much needed peace and quiet for parents.

Pack snacks

Parents can pack all the games, movies, and wet wipes in the world into the back of a car, but as soon as kiddie hunger strikes, there’s no turning back. To abate any hunger-induced tantrums, be sure to pack lots of yummy snacks to keep everyone happy and well fed. For car trips specifically, consider bringing some treats that they wouldn’t ordinarily get at home so that they associate long car journeys with fun surprises.


Family travel becomes more frequent during the holiday season, but a prepared family is an efficient family. Being prepared, securing everyone’s safety and enjoying the journey are just a few easy tips for parents to think about when getting organized for a fun family adventure.

How do you keep your kids safe and entertained on long journeys?


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