How much of your home is actually protected from crime, accident or natural disasters? Paying to protect your home is vital because no-one can predict the future – and regret can sometimes last forever.

Keeping your valuables safe

A company such as Howden Group can put your mind at ease; here are eight items that you must insure:


Thinking rationally, why would anyone not take steps to protect small, easily concealable items, that can drop off fingers and ears without a sound, and represent juicy pickings for thieves? Granted, the emotional value of your grandmother’s wedding ring or an engraved bracelet can never be recovered, but at least the financial damage can be rectified if you have appropriate insurance.


In a perfect world you’ll be reading this and thinking: ‘Well of course I’ve insured all of my antiques, who wouldn’t?’ You’re probably in the minority. It’s amazing how many vases are balancing on tables, and the number of precious items in vulnerable glass cabinets, that are in the midst of running children and pets – they’re destined for destruction. Keep them in safer places, but get cover as a second layer of protection.


Football shirts, programmes, event tickets, prizes, awards, signed photographs and other similar items should all be covered, especially as it’s likely that some will be on display. Seek advice if you’re not clear about particular items and whether they’re covered. Also, those old toys that are rotting away in the loft would probably be worth consideration – if nothing else you might find out how much they are worth.


Have you ever actually tried to hand an LCD television on the wall? How about positioning a precarious shelf on a wall, which will soon house a brand new sound system? One misplaced bolt or dodgy piece of spirit level incompetence and everything comes crashing down to the floor – hitting you in the pocket at the same time.

Musical instruments

A dedicated musician may have several hundred or thousand pounds of musical equipment in the form of various instruments of brass or wood. That’s not considering electronic items as well, such as keyboards, laptops, amps and other apparatus. Some insurers will cover you for damage in transit as well as accidents.

Mobile phone

A word of warning if you’re considering insuring your new mobile phone; don’t necessarily go with the offer from your provider, because there are some cheaper options out there. That said, make sure you get at least some cover, because even the lightest drop onto a hard surface will send a lightning shard crack across the screen in seconds – and no doubt provoke a few choice words.


Another item that one takes out and about, sometimes exposed in fairly precarious or turbulent places such as cities, mountains and beaches. Depending on the level of equipment in your arsenal you might want to consider insuring tripods, lenses, flashes and kitbags as well as the camera itself, especially if we’re looking at devices worth thousands of pounds.


As a matter of interest for those with ride-on mowers you do actually need insurance if you ever wish to take them out on the roads, following an EU ruling from last year. However, isn’t it worth taking out insurance for an item that is not only expensive, but could literally be driven out of your shed? Check with your insurer whether your home premium covers domestic garden machinery.


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