Kid-Friendly Backyard

When you think back to your childhood, some of your favorite moments are no doubt those you spent outdoors. Whether you were playing with friends, your siblings, or on your own, outdoor activities are one of the best ways to spend your youth. If you have young ones, you probably want to give them the opportunity to play outdoors, in the safety and sanctuary of your own backyard. Here are some ideas on how to make your backyard more kid-friendly; just a warning though – you may have a hard time getting your kids back inside!

Kid-Friendly backyardImage Source: Pexels

The Right Grass

Making your backyard more kid-friendly starts with choosing the right grass. While there are many different types to suit all kinds of budgets, fescue grass can be a great choice because it is versatile and suitable for almost any climate. While it does prefer shady areas, there are new varieties on the market that do well in full, hot sun. It is one of the best choices for low-maintenance, and also acts as an herbicide for weeds such as crabgrass and broad leaf. It provides a soft cushion for bare feet, making your backyard a safer place to be!

Chalkboard Walls

If you’re not a fan of the kids drawing on the driveway or sidewalk, but you want to give them a creative outlet, why not build them chalkboard walls? These can be easily installed on the fence in your backyard, and your little artists will have a designated place to create their own masterpieces.


If you have a large backyard, and your kids love adventure, a zip-line can be the perfect solution to keeping them entertained. It’s great fun and will make your kids the most popular on the block. Just make sure it‘s installed according to instructions and is sturdy for those using it.

Tree House

A tree house is every kid’s dream, and if you have the room (and a big tree) it just makes sense to have one. Get the kids involved in designing and building it; this is guaranteed to be the ‘go to’ place for kids of all ages, and is sure to create childhood memories that will last a lifetime.


Swings are a great past-time, both as a solo and group activity. Tire swings, in particular, can be a great way to spend a summer afternoon. These are low-cost, low maintenance and high in fun!

(Tire swings can also be a very romantic setting for you and your spouse after the kids have gone to bed!).

Outdoor Twister and other games

Grab some spray paint and create one of the most fun games outdoors! Great for summer parties and a popular game for kids and adults alike. The paint will wash off in the next rainfall, and with your newly installed fescue grass, it will be a soft place to step, twist and fall! Other games you can build on the grass are tic-tac-toe and even hangman!

Childhood obesity rates have tripled since the 1970s, and while there are many different reasons for this, encouraging outdoor play can help keep these rates down. Kids need plenty of vitamin D and free play. Having a safe backyard space for them to enjoy the outdoors is an ideal solution and will keep them away from social media, video games, and of course, the television.


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