Kids Morning Routine Ideas

You might not be a morning person, but life with little ones doesn’t care about the preferences of your sleep cycle. Like it or not, when the kids are in the picture, you have to find a way of creating an AM program. It’s even more hectic when it’s back-to-school, and you have to keep up with your tight daily schedule. Creating a stable, clear morning routine helps the entire family to stay on track. Furthermore, a clear structure gives your kids a sense of safety, security, and trust. It ensures kids know what to expect and how to move quickly through responsibilities.

Here is how you can create a more leisurely morning with kids:

1.  Always Start at Night

There are various tasks you can perform the night before. At this time, you’ll be more relaxed and less rushed, which can have a positive impact in your mornings. Some of the tasks include picking out the kids’ clothes. At night you can make all-important closet decisions and solve unforeseen issues like missing accessories and address laundry needs with less stress.

You can pack the backpacks with all the needed essentials like snacks, homework, etc. Hang the packs on a hook to ensure no more searching and to simplify your morning.

2.  Ensure Everyone is Getting Enough Sleep

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Sleep is always the elephant in the room. You cannot underestimate the importance of good sleep. It’s as crucial as exercise and nutrition. Enough sleep can be contributed by a proper diet and probably a warm bath before going to bed. We all love a healthy sleep, so are the children. This is a small vacation in dreamland. How do you know if your child is getting enough sleep?

There is a chart that breaks down the hours of sleep a child should get based on age. For example, if your 2-year old kid needs to be up by 8 am, then he/she should be in bed latest 8 pm. Ensure you feed the child early enough and minimize screen time.

3.  Ensure You Wake Up Before Your Kids

Being an early bird is not only beneficial to you but your kids as well. Get up at least 10 – 20 minutes before your little ones wake up. You will be able to start your day well. Furthermore, remember you’re acting as a role model for your children. If you had not prepared breakfast the previous night, this would give you a chance to do so without being pressured. You can load their packs in the car to ensure you’re not searching for anything at the last minute. More so, you will not be shouting early morning asking where your phone or purse is.

4.  Create Morning Stations

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If you have more than one kid, then your mornings can be a bit chaotic. More so, you can easily get overwhelmed with stacks of school supplies and homework. You also don’t want toys to get spread all over the house. The best thing to do is to create an individual workstation. Cubbies also work magic. Invest in a bookshelf to create a simple system for organizing toys and paperwork. Morning stations ensure schoolwork is neatly arranged. It might take your spouse or kids time to adjust, but once the habit gets established, your mornings will run seamlessly!

5.  Create a Home for Every Item

Organizing kits come in handy when you’re running out of time in the morning. Have a specific station for books, pens, and hooks for hanging backpacks. It helps you to locate needed items for school. You also don’t have to spend the entire morning searching for your car keys, phone, or purse. Know where to keep shoes, clothes, and other essential items. It will help you eliminate the dreaded emergency and annoying chases in the morning.

6.  Design a Morning Routine Chart

Well, this is more of a timetable. Every minute counts. Come up with a routine where you include all activities that must be done in the morning. For example, brushing teeth is mandatory, but when should your kids brush their teeth? Is it after breakfast or after taking a shower? If you have younger children, you can use pictures and drawings to make it easier for them. You can include activities such as:

  • Washing face
  • Dressing up
  • Brushing teeth
  • Eating breakfast
  • Combing hair
  • Putting on shoes and finally getting out.

This is just a sample. You can create a routine that fits your family.

Having a successful morning routine can have a positive impact on your day. Discuss with everyone in the family and come up with something that will work for you. With a good plan, you’ll have a hassle-free morning with your spouse and little ones.


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