Cooking is a stress reliever for many home cooks. But for busy families who are constantly on the go, cooking can be a cause of stress. What’s for dinner? Do we have all of the ingredients? Is there enough time to make it? Should we just order-in instead? Simplify your kitchen with these essential items. Whether it’s organization you struggle with or finding time to make a delicious dinner, these kitchen tools and gadgets can help you conquer dinnertime.

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Roasting Pan

Great for weeknight family meals, roasting pans are an essential kitchen item for families who like to have dinner on the table in a snap. Roasting is a valuable cooking technique that can make a delicious meal out of just about anything. And for those busy evenings, opt to prep your ingredients in the morning and assemble them in the pan. So when it’s time for dinner, you just have to preheat the oven and serve. Whether you’re cooking sausage and peppers for a Bavarian-inspired feast or a dinner that is more classic such as roasted chicken with broccoli and potato wedges, this roaster will surely come in handy.

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Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is an absolute must for any family kitchen. And with one in your own kitchen, you can experience the convenience and benefits a slow cooker has to offer:

  • Frees up your oven and stovetop space for other uses
  • Uses significantly less energy than your standard cooking appliances
  • Will not heat up your kitchen on warm days
  • No need to scrub multiple pots and pan
  • Usually travels well
  • Tenderizes less expensive cuts of meats, think chuck steaks and stewing beef, saving you money
  • Brings out the flavors in many slow cooker recipes, which makes it a savvy option for families on a budget

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Spice Rack

With the right spices, you can season every dish to perfection. When it comes to finding the spice that you need, organization is key. Instead of jamming your spices into a cupboard, get organized with a vertically hanging spice rack. With this spice rack, all of your ingredients will be on display, so you can forget fussing over fennel and stressing over saffron. There are a range of spice racks to choose from; consider opting for one that suits the decor in your kitchen.

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Baking Scale

A baking scale can be a great addition to your family kitchen. Cooking experts cite that we’ve been measuring kitchen ingredients all wrong, as volumetric measurements — think teaspoons, tablespoons and cups — is actually incorrect. Rather, non-liquid items should be measured by weight. That is why you have probably noticed that more and more recipes call for weight measures. Baking scales, however, are very accurate. Plus, these kitchen gadgets do conversions, from metric to imperial. And, not only are they easy to use, baking scales are also compact and affordable.

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Don’t get stressed in the kitchen. Cook something up with these essential kitchen items. From roasters for weeknight dinners to slow cookers for set-it-and-forget-it meals that can feed the entire family, these must-haves are great options for any busy family.


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