Volunteering isn’t an activity we do each day, so many people aren’t very familiar with it. It’s a special event that happens when you’re feeling up to it and are able to fit it into your schedule. As a parent, it’s important to teach your kids the valuable lessons that come with giving back your time.

Knowing what your kids learn will probably make you more open to the concept too. These are teachings everyone can benefit from. The difference is some children are too young to know what wisdom they’re gaining at the time. See lessons children learn from volunteering.

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Thankfulness is one message that’s communicated pretty clearly from the start. You see others suffering or struggling and are grateful for what you have and blessed for your health. Practicing gratitude has many health benefits and causes you to be less selfish. It’s a good reminder as to what really matters such as family, friends and health. You feel immediately satisfied when you see a smile on the other person’s face and how good it makes you feel. You’re able to relish in small moments that bring you joy.

It’s a Learning Experience

Volunteering often causes you to learn about new subjects, topics and illnesses or conditions. You learn about pediatric cancer research and all the different ways the community is trying to help the children get well. There are different divisions made up of research, care, donations and volunteering. You hear inspirational stories and about the various foundations. It’s a continuous cycle of bringing in new information to digest. There’s just as much to be learned during a volunteer experience as there is in school.

Small Changes Have a Big Impact

One major lesson learned is that small changes have a big impact. Children see themselves as one person in a sea of others who are helping out, yet they’re able to touch one or more people with their services. This is enough to make it all worth it. Seeing a big smile on the other person’s face and knowing you put it there feels pretty darn good. It proves that what people do each day matters, and adds up to major positive changes. Donating clothes may not seem like much at the time, but you have to see the bigger picture. It’s important to explain to your kids where the clothes go and who wears them in the end.

Money Isn’t Everything

Volunteering makes you realize that money doesn’t bring happiness. It can’t compete with the feelings you have when connecting with another human being. It also can’t cure all illnesses or make bad situations go away. It doesn’t matter when you’re sitting there face-to-face with someone who needs your help in the moment. Hard work isn’t always about making and spending money. You feel good after volunteering without spending a cent.


Giving back is an important part of life. There’s much to be learned and gained by these type of experiences. These are four lessons children learn from volunteering.



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