Living with LPGOff the grid living might feel like a daunting prospect when moving to the country – particularly if you’re used to mains gas and electricity. The good news is, it’s actually easy to live off grid.

Many people rely on LPG to power their appliances and heat their homes, because it’s cost-effective, practical and easy to install. Here’s a quick guide, outlining gas storage options, LPG appliances, and how LPG can be used to heat the home.

Living Off the Grid: LPG Storage Options

Off grid homes have three options for storing LPG gas. These are:

  • Above ground storage. An above ground tank is installed on your premises – usually in the garden. Your LPG supplier will place it on a concrete or prefabricated base for additional stability. Above ground tanks are a popular choice, as Calor installs them for free!
  • Underground storage. An underground tank is hidden from view, buried underneath your garden, all that is visible is a green cover on the ground. It’s through this cover that the delivery driver will refill the LPG supply. Many people living off the grid choose this option, as it frees up space in the garden.
  • Cylinders. Some home-owners choose compact LPG cylinder installation. The cylinders are placed in two pairs, which means when one is empty, the change-over valve automatically switches to the next one – providing continuous gas supply. This form of storage is great if space is limited. 

Appliances for Off the Grid Living

There are many benefits to using LPG appliances. They’re often more energy efficient than standard mains-connected appliances (1); which is good news for the environment, and for your wallet. Here’s some appliances that are powered by LPG:

  • Cookers. Calor have a range of LPG cookers – from compact solutions for small kitchens, to farmhouse-style ranges.
  • Tumble dryers. LPG tumble dryers are not only more cost-effective, but they cause less damage to garments too.
  • Portable gas heaters. In addition to central heating, LPG can also be used to power portable gas heaters; which are excellent for using in summer houses, or other areas of the home without a radiator.
  • BBQs. Calor also stock a wide range of gas BBQs; from compact portable options to larger BBQs like the Broil King Signet 340, which is ideal when cooking for family and friends.

Living Off the Grid and Heating Your Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the country for the first time, or want to swap from oil to LPG; it’s easy to install a Calor LPG heating system into the home. Simply get in contact to arrange a visit, at a time that’s convenient. Installation is also arranged at your convenience, and automatic top-up systems ensure a seamless supply of gas at all times. It really is that simple!

To find out more about how to switch LPG supplier visit one of the leading LPG suppliers in the UK.






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