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3 Ways To Improve The Living Room of Your London Home

Living Room

The living room is the center of your home—it’s where you relax, it’s where you chat and it’s where you entertain. The living room is supposed to be designed for company and comfort—and if the room doesn’t already look inviting, it might just need a makeover. Here are three simple changes that will improve the living room in your London home.

Open Up The Room

Small windows can make a living room feel confining and stuffy. An excellent way to add space in your room is to install bay or bow windows, which are more expansive than traditional picture windows. Bay windows are made of an arrangement of three or more windows that protrude from the exterior of the home. Bow windows are almost the same as bay windows, but they protrude in a softer curve like a semi-circle. Installing bay or bow windows will create an optical illusion inside your home, giving the impression that your living room is larger than it is. Remember to find a reliable company like Golden Windows in London Ontario to professionally install the windows, so that the renovation runs smoothly. Complete the renovation with sheer curtains to filter in the natural light or add a pop of colour with a dramatic drape.

Be Smart About Your Storage

There is nothing appealing about a cluttered room with remote controls strewn over the couch, magazines covering the coffee table and books piled on counter tops. Be smart about your storage by investing in convertible furniture. Get a coffee table with drawers to hide your magazines and remote controls. Invest in a hollow reading bench to store your books while limiting physical clutter. More importantly, make sure that you do a quick sweep of your living room to throw out all of the items that you do not like or need.

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do more than make your walls look brand new, it can scientifically improve your living room. Colour psychology indicates that certain paint colours are better for your living room. According to WebMD, choosing warm tones in red, yellow, and orange will make your living room feel inviting, so you will subconsciously be more comfortable if the walls are painted in a goldenrod yellow or a soft peach instead of a stark white. The same rules apply for earthy tones like beige and brown — these options may seem boring in comparison to a bold green or purple, but Zillow found that prospective buyers offered more money for houses with living rooms that were painted beige, taupe, or oatmeal.

Your living room might be in desperate need of a makeover. Install some new windows, get rid of clutter and add a brand-new coat of paint to the walls to make a noticeable improvement. In three easy tips, you can completely transform your living room into your new favourite space.

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