London Fashion WeekIt’s one of the most popular events in the calendar and now it appears that London Fashion Week is starting a new trend.

That’s because the timeline between fashion fans seeing something they like on the catwalk could be up to six months before they appear in shops but that waiting time is now set to disappear.

This will be underlined when the next fashion event is held and a number of fashion houses will have the ability to offer their clothes for sale almost immediately.

This innovation began with the last London fashion show and proved to be successful which caught the eye of the likes of Paul Smith and Burberry.

Designer shows

Indeed, some fashion houses will be offering taster collection displays in stores so that customers can pre-order their new designs before they are even showcased on the catwalk and this might extend to the shows of designer wedding dresses in London too.

The growth of social media is said to be behind this new trend and with many people attending catwalk shows putting images online straightaway has led to fashion fans liking what they see and wanting to buy the clothes immediately, apparently.

This is the power of Instagram and the likes of Top Shop have begun broadcasting their own catwalk shows to their 6 million followers on the social media platform. However, the images being posted aren’t just by a fashion house employee using their mobile phone, a top fashion photographer who shoots covers for the major magazines is often taking the images for use on social media.

This underlines again how important London Fashion Week is for sales to a fashion business and it’s not just the designers and clients who enjoy the kudos since those who design accessories are also getting in on the act with extravagant shows which end up being highlighted on social media.

While many of the fashion houses will still aim to deliver clothes into their outlets within six months, this trend for some to be able to deliver the clothes more quickly is an interesting development though some critics highlight that not all of the catwalk shows will be available instantly but the trend is still going to attract a growing amount of attention.

Looking for wedding dresses

It should also be appreciated that with London Fashion Week being a global event for the fashion world, many fashion followers are expecting unusual and interesting trends and this ability to buy some collections almost certainly will prove popular – as it will for anyone attending bridal shows or looking for wedding dresses in London as well.

The thinking from one of the fashion houses is that most people who watch their shows aren’t department store buyers who are looking to purchase fashions over the coming year but fashion fans looking to boost their wardrobes and are wanting to buy something they like straightaway.

However, there are some critics who say that the gestation period between the catwalk and the fashions appearing in stores helps develop the ideas more effectively and helps to create the trend that others will follow but with the ability to buy instantly, this may be undermined to the detriment of the fashion house. Only time will tell.


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