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I went a bit crazy doing my LUSH Halloween shopping this year, but can you blame me? I always get afraid that my seasonal favorites will sell out before I’ve had a chance to buy and enjoy them, but that’s not happening this year. I’m super excited about the new LUSH favorites for Halloween 2014! Here are my LUSH favorites for Halloween 2014, plus a few of my favorite hair goodies, totally not Halloween related.

LUSH Mall of Louisiana

It wouldn’t be a LUSH haul without a few bath bombs. This year there are some brand new bath bombs that I just couldn’t leave the store without buying, and of course, Lord of Misrule, what I like to commonly refer to as a cult classic.

Bath Bombs LUSH Mall of Louisiana

Bath Bombs

  • Northern Lights ($5.95) This bomb has Bubble Bar mix in the middle to help the colors release slowly and add a bit of bubble to your bath. Northern Lights has floral notes of Jasmine and ylang-ylang which make this fizzer a soothing delight.
  • Sparkler ($6.95) It’s your own private fireworks show with the pop and crackle of popping candy. Sparkler has a faster fizzing mix at either end to create a beautiful display in the bath.
  • Lord of Misrule ($6.95) Popping candies fizz and crackle, creating a world of magic and mischief right before your eyes. Turn your bath water a deep red color and let the spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil work their magic on your senses.

LUSH Northern Lights

LUSH Halloween

LUSH Halloween Bath Bombs

Bubble Bars

    • Wizard – ($7.95) Energizing tangerine, juniperberry and fennel essential oils help balance the skin, while its warming and uplifting scent banishes stress and helps you recover from the day.
    • Sparkly Pumpkin ($7.95) This pumpkin shares its scent with our Mr. Punch soap from LUSH Christmases past!

Sparkly Pumpkin

And the following is not Halloween related, but it’s what I’m loving this fall for my hair. I’m trying to go with a minimalist approach to buying products free of packing and waste.

Hair Care

  • Seanik Shampoo bar ($11.95) Seanik is made with nourishing ingredients from the sea: softening Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed.
  • Big Solid Conditioner ($9.95) Extra virgin coconut oil and toothed wracked seaweed infusion soften and condition hair without weighing it down, while a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh lime add even more shine.

Seanik and Big Solid Conditioner LUSH

That’s pretty much it! I was in LUSH a few days ago to grab up a few more Halloween products before they get discontinued, and while I was there I saw so many amazing bath bombs, soaps, bubble bars, and bath melts for the holidays. I did grab a few things and I can’t wait to share on my blog and Instagram.

What are your favorite Halloween LUSH products this year?


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  1. I have never been to LUSH and didn’t even know there was one in my area until just now. After seeing this post, I had to look it up! There is one not far from my house and I plan on making a visit! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. One of my favorite shops!! While we don’t go for the bath bombs, we love their dream cream for Molly. She puts it on every day. We also use one of their body washes for her as well.

  3. I love LUSH and I could spend hours there. But, that being said, I’m pretty boring and buy all the same things over and over again. CLearly I need to shake things up a bit and try new things – and take a cue from you and do some more seasonal favorites!

  4. I haven’t been to a LUSH store in such a long time! I love products free from packages. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the hair products.

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