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MAC Rebel is my new go-to lipstick


My husband and 6-year old gave me one of my Christmas gifts a little early. My husband told me that when they walked into the MAC Store, he let J pick out a lipstick for me. Out of all the lipsticks at MAC, my daughter choice ‘Rebel’. My daughter, Jas, said she picked ‘Rebel’ for me because she knows just how much I like purple, and to her, the lipstick looked purple. The woman helping my husband told him that Jas has a good eye, because she picked out one of the most popular shades MAC has ever had. MAC Rebel is my new go-to lipstick.

‘Rebel’ is a shade of lipstick that I probably never would have chosen by myself. ‘Rebel’ is dark in the tube, and can be a little intimidating for people who tend to stick to lighter shades, or for those, like myself, who tend to be afraid to experiment when it comes to lip color.

‘Rebel’ is one of the prettiest wine/berry shades you’ve ever seen. I hope the wine/berry lipstick trend lasts well into spring.

I already went back to MAC and bought another tube of ‘Rebel’, you know, just in case I lose a tube, which I often do. I had no problem paying $15 for this tube of MAC lipstick. ‘Rebel’ is such a pretty statement sultry color and I often wear it when I go out at night or for date night. This unique berry/wine (not red) color looks great on me because it compliments my fair skin, it also makes my blue eyes pop. But again, this color is so unique that it looks great on all skin tones.

Before I became obsessed with lipstick, I was obsessed with lipgloss. So as you could imagine, when I went to buy another tube of ‘Rebel’, I also picked up a tube of ‘Rebel’ Lip Glass, and a lip liner, in ‘Currant’. If I want a glass-like finish to my lip I grab for the lip glass, but don’t get me wrong, ‘Rebel’ lipstick looks amazing by itself.

‘Rebel’ has a satin finish and has a semi-matte look. It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel dry or flaky. Since it is a long-wear lipstick your lips might dry out easily. I highly recommend hydrating your lips before applying this lipstick. If you were wondering what your next MAC purchase should be, definitely choose this shade of lipstick; you’ll love it. Not only does ‘Rebel’ go on easy, it smells and tastes good, too. I enjoy wearing this shade and have received a lot of compliments already when I wear it.

What’s your favorite shade of MAC lipstick?

This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links. I just love this lipstick so much I just had to share. I paid (well, my husband paid for this tube). No financial compensation was given for writing this post. Thoughts expressed above are as always, 100% my own.

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