Technology can be good or bad. It’s great for chatting with family, but too much screen time can turn normally active kids into zombies. Insist that your children put down those video games and step away from the television so that they can get some physical activity outside. We can help you get your kids out of the house and into the yard to play. Follow these four ways to create a safe and low-maintenance outdoor play space.


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Help keep their minds as active as their bodies with a few simple games. An adjustable hoop and a basketball are always a fun way to build self-esteem and teamwork. As your kids get taller, you can just adjust the hoop to a higher setting. Children also enjoy games such as bean bag toss, hula hoops, and miniature golf.

Playground Equipment

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No childhood is complete without a playground set in the backyard. Whether you build one yourself or buy one to assemble, safety should be paramount. Check the manufacturer reviews and do a little research to see if there are any recalls. Most kids enjoy a swing, seesaw, and slide and will play on them for hours. Keep in mind that the slide should not be metal because it can burn their skin on sunny days.


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Kids shouldn’t have to wait to go to the beach to build a sandcastle. Sandboxes are a great way to build creativity and manual dexterity. A boat design is a fun way to jazz up the look, and the kids will fantasize about being out to sea or pretending to be captain of their own ship. If you’re worried about cats using the sandbox as a litter box, a simple plastic cover or screen should deter even the most determined feline.


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Trampolines are a fun way to build a child’s strength and coordination. It’s also a great way to burn off all that excess energy. Make sure you install a net along the outside of the trampoline so smaller kids won’t bounce out and get hurt. It’s also a good idea to lay down some basic ground rules to keep them safe. Very young children should be supervised by an adult or older kids until you are confident that they can use it safely.

Sidewalk Chalk

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A concrete pad or pavers are a fun medium for sidewalk chalk. Maybe you have a future artist in your home who just needs some encouragement to build their skills. Provide a variety of colors and sizes for your young ones, and watch their creations come to life.

Lots of quality play time is essential to children’s proper growth and development. It builds their sense of self, social skills, and creativity. Artificial turf is an easy way to keep your outdoor play area safe, clean, and low maintenance. Remember to get out and play with your children as much as you can; the day will soon come when they are asking for the car keys or a new prom dress.


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