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It’s not just the amenities and service of a quality hotel that keeps customers coming back for more. According to a Gallup poll, people would pay significantly more for a high-end hotel with a more comfortable bed. You may not be able to snag the room service and doorman for your own house, but you can achieve the look and feel of a luxury hotel bed. From choosing the right mattress to adding those perfect finishing touches, here’s how to bring the comfort of a hotel bed to your bedroom.

hotel bed

Start With the Right Mattress

The right mattress for you will give you the support and comfort that meet your unique needs. A firm, memory foam or memory gel mattress may prove a better option for someone with aches and pains that wants added support for their joints. Others may take more comfort in an ultra-soft mattress. Or you can find a sweet spot with a firm mattress and memory foam mattress topper that blends support and comfort, mimicking the feel of a five-star hotel bed.

Go Ultra Luxury

Once your mattress is outfitted to hotel-style perfection, you need to dress it in the luxury it deserves. The hotel look is all about white, crisp linens, and impossibly plush and deep hypoallergenic duvets. Remember to throw out your old pillows that can be a breeding ground for dust mites and germs, and fresh them up with multiple, oversized pillows. Complete with a few throw pillows to give some support when you cozy up with a good book in bed. But to top it off, add one dazzling pillow in a bright bold color to complement your signature style.

Indulge in Exotic Sheets

Cheap sheets are a hotel’s worst nightmare. Find a sweet spot around the 300-thread-count mark in Egyptian cotton. The end result are comfortable, soft sheets that are still breathable. Discerning travelers will know the difference between these high-quality sheets and the cheap microfiber variety.

Choose the Right Lighting

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The comfort of your bed also depends on the type of lighting you add to your bedroom. Skip the harsh, fluorescent lights and opt for a dimmer switch to create a soft, romantic glow come evening while enjoying the views out your master bedroom window. Natural lighting can also enhance the feeling of being drenched in sunlight on vacation, gently waking you up in the morning. Remember to add a bedside light that adjusts from soft to bright enough to read.

Add the Finishing Touches

Diffuse essential lavender oils and gently spray on your linens to enhance your senses and help you relax. It will also create the illusion that the finest hotel has just freshened your sheets while you were out living a jet-set lifestyle. Once evening falls, slip into your bedroom, turn down the bedding and add a few fine chocolates to create the finishing touch of a hotel stay.

A five-star hotel room bed doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It just takes a strategy that focuses on your optimal health, comfort and added luxuries to get the best night’s sleep possible. The only problem is you might never want to leave your bedroom, so proceed with caution.


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