The latest winter interior design craze surrounds the Danish concept of Hygge, which has its roots in a Norwegian term that simply means “well-being.” Danes have embraced this idea as a lifestyle, underpinning their design aesthetic with the philosophy that when people find joy in the simpler things, they are generally happier and more grounded.

One way of bringing “Hygge” –that atmosphere of contentment – into a home or apartment is to add top-notch furniture made of a solid wood, like oak, cherry or pine. It is best to add custom pieces that have character and beauty, like a dining room table made of a dark cherry wood, which can be a focal point that generates warmth throughout the room. Perfect for encouraging family conversations during mealtimes, an elegant piece like this is also ideal for a romantic candlelit dinner.

People sometimes dread the advent of the winter season, but this year, more individuals are buying solid wood furniture to make their living spaces cozy and comfortable. For Hygge to work you should choose furniture that has some bespoke charm, furniture that is lovingly made – in other words, you’re going to want to only deal with a reputable wood furniture company for the best outcome. If you’re unsure of what to look for in solid wood furniture, you can visit the Woodcraft Blog to learn more about the craft, but, suffice it to say, adding an original furniture piece instantly lightens the mood in a living area, which in turn serves as the focal point of a home, invoking feelings of peace, satisfaction and an indication of the natural world outside.

make home feel cozy

Many people are restoring their dingy antiques by breaking out the linseed oil and polishing away, which can be good, but there are also excellent woodcraft companies that are able to refinish your sentimental treasures, ensuring that nothing goes wrong in the process. Find a wood crafter that allows you to pick your favourite stain color, and it’s incredible how stunning the results can be: an old furniture piece can be brought fully back to its original grandeur.

In addition to furniture, strategically placed “signature pieces” add finesse to indoor spaces as well. These might be family heirlooms or new additions that boast fully original designs. To build upon the cozy feeling within your home that you’ve created by adding solid wooden furniture, try and match it with an equally restrained, genuine and bespoke art collection on the wall. Art, like solid wood furniture, can last ages when the pieces have been well maintained.

Nothing is better than relaxing in front of a crackling fireplace on cold snowy nights. It is easy to incorporate Hygge into your home decorating scheme; all you have to do is think in terms of simplistic, high quality, warming elements and extreme comfort factors. Select stunning furniture made with richly textured, all-solid wood, and customize wherever possible for a personalized look that will be enjoyed by every household member.


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