With the right techniques, clever arrangement and efficient placement of furniture, you can make your tiny apartment look more spacious and comfortable. We will discuss some of the basic tips that you can easily follow.

Use Mirror Everywhere

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This is a classic technique and works very well. You should not only place one large mirror but instead, place mirror everywhere. You can cover an entire wall with mirror and you’ll see its magic. It is also best to choose furniture with glass.

Paint the Ceiling

Paint your ceiling to make the room look taller or you can also go for wallpapers. Anything that draws the eye upwards makes the room look more spacious and bigger.

Use Lighter Colours for Your Walls

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Dark colours can absorb light instead of reflecting it thus to make your apartment looks airy and spacious, we strongly advise the use of light and vibrant colours for your walls and even on the flooring.

Go for Smaller Furniture

If you have limited space in your apartment then do not go for large furniture. You should go for smaller and space-saving furniture.

Make Use of the Walls

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Since you have limited space in the floor area, you should be more creative and make use of your walls for other purposes like hanging some decors instead of using the floor.

Use Multi-purpose furniture

It is better to use furniture that have multiple use like a chair that can be storage, TV rack that you can use as bookshelf and drawer too. It is best to consider these types of furniture to maximise the use.

Pull the Furniture Away from the Walls

Pushing everything against the wall makes the room look more cramped. Thus, it is best that you pull furniture at least a few inches away from the wall to create an illusion of having more space.

Hang Shelves Near the Ceiling

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Again, anything that draws the eyes upward makes the room look bigger and not to mention having shelves for your decors or even books above add a creative touch.

Clear Clutter

Needless to say, built up clutter in your living room or any part of the house makes the room look swamped and small. So make sure that the area is always free from clutters.

Make Use of Proper Lightings

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Overhead lights will surely draw the eyes to one spot. It is best to arrange different lighting options in your apartment. You can use lamps on the wall, table lamps or candles in side tables. This way, the eyes will not be focused on one area, instead it is spread out making the room look wider.

Choose Bar Stools in the Dining Room

Dining table and chairs can eat up a lot of space so if you have limited space in the kitchen or dining area, it is best to go for bar stools. This saves a lot of space and can make the room look more modern and stylish.

These are some tips to help you make your apartment look more spacious and comfortable. If you areready to move to a bigger house then you should check out best fixed home loan rates in the market to finally make your dream house into a reality.


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