Keeping everyone safe and sound in the home is a priority for most people. We want everyone to be able to relax completely and enjoy spending time at home.

Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Some things, like installing good locks are obvious ways to make sure that this is the case. But, some are not so obvious. For example, the other day, I came across A website that got me thinking about the role signage can play in keeping everyone in the home safe.

Reduce the Chances of Strangers Entering your Home Uninvited

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Putting up a few no trespass signs is a good way to put would be thieves off. These signs indicate to them that you are a vigilant homeowner who takes home security seriously. The same is true of no soliciting signs. In fact, in many places, by law, if you put one of those up casual salespeople are not allowed to walk up to your path and ring your bell.

Hazard Signs

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Strategic use of hazard signs can prove helpful too. For example a mind your head sign can stop someone who is tall from banging his or her head. A slippery surface or no running sign will help to keep your children, and other, safe around the pool.

Remind Yourself of Important Tasks

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These days, it is really easy to get hold of custom signs, which opens up a world of possibilities. If you find that checklists help to keep you organized you will no doubt love this idea.

It is entirely possible for you to get your favorite checklists blown up and turned into a laminated sign. One that can be written on, then wiped clean again. So, you could, for example, put a car safety list up in your garage to remind you to check the tires on a weekly basis and the oil and windscreen washer water every month. Plus, maybe note down important things like when services are due or annual checks like the ITV. As you complete each task, you can tick them off of the list to make sure nothing is missed.

There are tons of ways you can use checklists or informational signs to help you to get important tasks around the home done properly. Another example would be putting up signs that remind everyone what products go in which recycling bin. Just go online, to get inspiration and find downloadable templates that you can edit or use as is. All kinds of people produce and share them. In particular mom bloggers, like me.

Once you have prepared your checklist, all you have to do is to find a firm that offers a customized sign printing service in your area. Most of them just need you to send them the file via the internet to be able to print and laminate your custom sign.

So, there you have it three ways to use signs around your home. Of course, there are more, but these are the ones I feel are most helpful.

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