While the kitchen is seen by some as simply the place where food is stored and meals are prepared, many other people often look upon it as the real heart of their home.

Despite the necessity of the room, the kitchen could be considered the main attraction of a home, where necessary requirements can be married with effective styling, eye-catching furnishings and inspirational colour schemes. Many potential homeowners make a beeline for the kitchen when viewing properties, with factors such as lighting, flooring, shape and size coming into play when deciding whether or not to buy. It is the room that many like to put their first stamp on.

But, whether you are looking at enhancing your kitchen to create maximum effect on potential buyers of your home or if you are simply looking at making more of the room for yourself and your family, we have some great tips for making the kitchen the main attraction of your home.

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Have Meals there as a Family

Simple, but effective. It is more than likely that your kitchen already has the space for a family dining area. If not, it may already have a dining table used for other reasons. Either way, it is still possible for you to really create that communal feeling by gathering your loved ones around the table.

Making your kitchen an electronic devices free space, away from the distraction of the television and phones, you can create a space where your whole family can gather and share stories of your days.

Consider also how you might decorate with nice bright colours to reinforce the friendly family look of the room.

Links to the Garden

Invested in aluminium bi-fold doors that allow for easy access from your kitchen straight to your garden area, this is another easy way of making the room the central hub of your home. Think of summer days and barbecues, with easy access to a fridge stocked with beverages and a freezer stocked with icy treats. All anyone has to do is walk through your doors and it is easy to see that your kitchen is not just a stop-gap between your living room, for example, and your garden. It is the real focal point of the action and where everyone would like to be.

A Place for Family Activities

As well as meal times, the kitchen can be a great place to strengthen the bonds within your family. If you have young children who love baking, for instance, the kitchen is the natural choice of location. But, this could also work for painting and any arts and crafts activities they may wish to take part in. With easy to clean floors, mess should not really be an issue.

Likewise, for older children, the kitchen table could be a great spot to complete homework. By creating a studious environment with some effective lighting, your kitchen can reveal yet another dimension of itself.


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